Neon Leopard

I feel so 80's right now! Nothing like some neon animal print. It has been a gloomy, rainy week and wanted to brighten things up. This definitely worked for me. 

 I think this turned out really cool. I was in a rush and blurred the stamp on a few fingers but it still worked out. I think I should have added another color for the stamp... maybe neon blue or orange or both. This is actually the first time wearing any of these polishes.
These are the polishes and stamp plate used.

Left polish is China Glaze Sour Apple and the right one is China Glaze Celtic Sun (Neon).
I had to use 4 coats of the Celtic Sun to get it opaque. I applied one coat of the Sour Apple on top. On a side note, I have 2 of the Celtic sun polish and both are a different consistency. The other one is more of a neon yellow jelly. It might work for a cool jelly sandwich look.

These are the colors I dotted in the stamped image. These are all Color Club Art Club nail art polishes. From the left... Technicolor Doll, Paisley Paradise, and Green.

This is the plate I used. It is from my Mash set... Mash 23


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