Lucky me... Facebook gone right!

I belong to an exclusive nail polish group on Facebook called Polish-aholics Anonymous. A fellow group member, Marnie, decided to sell off some of her polishes in grab bags. For a total cost of $20, I got 7 polishes and shipping was included! I have to say, I am very happy with what she sent me. I didn't take a pic of the 2 Blow Pops she sent. I gotta say I scored. That is a Lynn on the right.

Lazy Days of Summer 13 - Inspired by something in your house

So I found a candle set in my spare bedroom that was sitting off in the corner. I had bought it and found no where to put it so it got stored. When I saw it, I knew it was the mani I wanted to do. It is an olive green/cream weave inspired candle. I especially liked not having to draw straight, neat lines! Me and the nail art brushes still don't get along.


Rimming The Waterline by TBD

I rim my waterline with just about look I do. I love dramatic eyes. I constantly fight the liner wearing off and running down below my eye. It is not a good look for me... just sayin. So TBD has decided to share their secret with all of us. I have tried this and it works but it dries my eyes out a bit. I might need a different shadow. I dunno. Anyways, on to the tip

photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun
How oh how can we keep the inner waterliner from fading fast? It’s a tough one, because our eyes are meant to stay wet, so the pencil that we’ve traced along our inner rims is constantly rubbing against our wet eyes every time we blink. Sigh… but I can share this little trick that does seem to make it last a couple hours longer. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest thing to do, so no need to make that comment below! I’m just saying when I’ve sent a client down the red carpet, I’ve used this trick to make it last throughout a long awards show. So how about we do it on important nights, not every day?! Here’s how:
  1. Rim your waterline with a black kohl or kajal liner. This one is our favorite because it’s waterproof yet creamy. Blink your lids together to get the product on the upper waterline. For those of you who are very comfortable with lining your eyes, look down and lift your upper lid to rim the upper waterline as well.
  2. Dip a stiff angled eyeliner brush into a matte black eye shadow. Tap it a few times against a counter to get rid of the excess product, then “stamp” it along the waterline, directly on top of the original kohl liner. Really work it into the line that’s in between the waterline and the lash line, so no skin peeks through.




Frenched Fuchsia

I realized it had been quite a while since I rocked a french mani. I was in the mood for bright pinks so this is what I came up with.


Kleancolor Holos

So I made an eBay purchase of 18 bottles of Kleancolor polish for around $26 and that's including the shipping. I now have all of their holo polishes. This post is the regular holo polishes... no chunky holos.
Please excuse the chipped polish wheel. It came that way and for some reason i couldn't find my other ones.

This is Holo Chrome. I am not sure why it is called chrome because it looks nothing like chrome. It is a very pretty dark purple/blue color. I think this one is my favorite out of all of them.

2 coats and TC

This one is Holo Blue. It is a nice pastel blue color. 

2 coats and TC

This is Holo Green. It is a nice pastel green. I wish it was more pigmented because it applies light.

2 coats and TC

This is Holo Pink. It is the perfect candy pink color.

2 coats and TC

This is Holo Orange. Perfect timing since Halloween is coming in 2 months. I don't have too many oranges so yay!

2 coats and TC

This is Holo Yellow. It is surprisingly nice. I almost didn't get it but glad I did. It doesn't clash too badly with my skin tone.

2 coats and TC

Overall, I am happy with these polishes. I absolutely LOVE holo polishes! I just wish Kleancolor polishes didn't smell so bad. Luckily, the smell doesn't turn me away. I read some people can't stand the smell of Seche Vite... hate to know how they feel with these. Anyways, hope you like :)



Glitter Blasted

So here is another mani by me. I am showing off another creation. I am having too much fun making different polishes... all from scratch! I have quite a few more beauties to show off  still.


Lazy Days of Summer 12 - Summer Nights

Here is my Summer Night mani. On a summer night here in WA, you can see millions of stars. I don't live in a huge town where the lights hide a lot of the smaller stars. I remember as a little girl, I would walk to the bus stop staring up at the sky wishing on shooting stars. There are quite a lot of them too! Unfortunately, none of the wishes ever came true.


Stuck On Lace

So I went to Fred Meyer yesterday morning to buy a hose so I can wash my car. I always browse the beauty section and found some really nice Essence polishes. I bought 4 of them :)  I was so excited, I had to use one right away. I do this with my polish purchases. Unfortunately, if I buy more than 2 polishes, they get pushed off to the side for later.


Lazy Days of Summer 11 - Summer Days

So I tried to come up with a good summer day theme but nothing specific came to mind so I just did a summer mani. Nothing says summer more than neon colors. I have to add that I love doing gradients. They are super pretty and too easy!


Beauty School from Birchbox

So this month's Birchbox theme was Beauty School. It came with a little booklet with tips and tricks of the trade. Some of this stuff is pretty basic but there are a few tips that I didn't know so I thought I would share. I took pics of every page so you can visualize everything. Anyways, check it out :)


Lazy Days of Summer 10 - Favorite Fruit

While Watermelon isn't exactly my favorite fruit, it is my favorite summer fruit. I think of watermelon at parties and BBQ's. Dang... now I want some watermelon!

A little humor from Jim Benton...



How to Paint Your Right (or Left) Hand How-To from Birchbox

I have issues painting my nails without making a mess. I sometimes get really shaky hands... especially my left hand (non-dominant). I ran across this How-To article while browsing through the Birchbox magazine. It def has some useful tips.

The couch sure is comfy, but for the best mani results, set up at a desk or table. By resting your elbow on the tabletop, your less-dexterous hand will feel a lot steadier while painting. If you’re not near a table, rest your arm on your knee for fewer shakes and mistakes.

Pre-polish preparation can make a big difference for unsteady hands. Use a small brush or Q-tip to apply a ring of Vaseline or Aquaphor around your cuticle line (make sure to keep it off your actual nail). This way, if you end up with polish outside the lines, the color will wipe right off without any remover.

A base coat is like makeup primer—it creates a smooth canvass that’s essential for a pro polish job. Try Orly Bonder, which has a unique rubberized formula made for long-lasting wear, or a 2-in-1 like Deborah Lippmann’s Hard Rock Base & Top Coat.

Thick, goopy polish will run into the cuticle line and make a huge mess, especially when painting with your less skilled hand. You’ll have more control with a few thin coats than one that’s really thick, so work with less polish on the brush than you think you need.

Achieving a salon-quality manicure at home ultimately comes down to the clean-up. We like to dip an angled eyeliner brush (one that’s specifically reserved for your nails) into nail polish remover, running the polish-soaked bristles along the cuticle to erase mistakes and create a smooth, clean line. The before and after is dramatic. For best results, use a strong yet nourishing remover like Zoya Remove Plus. For quick touch-ups, try a remover pen with a contoured tip like the Cutex Corrector Pen.

—By Anna Norman



Eyeliner Wars: Gel, Kohl, Liquid and More from Birchbox

I found a cool article on Birchbox about best eyeliners to use for different styles. I thought I would share the info...

Classic Cat-Eye
If want to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, use liquid eyeliner to create a super chic wing. "Avoid kohl pencils at all costs," notes Emma Willis, Director of Artistry at L.A.'s Blushington. "It will not give you the sharp, precise line that you want.” For a wing novice, Willis recommends stila's stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner in intense black for its thin felt tip pen applicator.

Everyday Eye
DIY expert, makeup artist, and beauty blogger extraordinaire Erica Davidson loves gel liner for her everyday look. "Using a brush helps me get a straighter line, and formulas like Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink stays put and is super dark," she says. To avoid looking overly made up during daytime hours, Davidson recommends replacing black liner with charcoal grey, dark brown, navy, or plum.

Super Smoky Eye
For a brilliantly bold eye, celebrity makeup artist Jenn Streicher uses stila's Kajal Eye Liner in Onyx to get stars like Emily Blunt, Claire Danes, and Bar Rafaeli red carpet ready. "It glides across the eye effortlessly and leaves a rich, deep, dark color that can easily be smudged to the start of a perfect smoky eye," she says. To achieve a truly smoke-show effect, Streicher recommends using a pencil that can easily blend with the touch of a finger. Noir’s Kohl eyeliner is a fantastic alternative that glides on like a dream.

Color-Lined Eye
"I love a colorful eye," says Davidson. "It's modern, fun, and is an easy update on a classic." For a bright eye, she likes highly pigmented formulas like Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liner. "It’s a gel-like formula that's easy to apply and dries to a matte finish. I avoid glittery or super shimmery liquids because it tends to settle in the creases of your lid." Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise is another favorite, for its vivid, fade-proof formula. If you're not quite ready to go super bright, PIXI's Lid Last Shadow Pen in Peach Pavé is a lovely bronze pigment that stands out without making too much of a statement.

—By Natalie Alcala



Textured Cold Stone

I saw this post on TBD blog where they did a matte/glossy textured look and decided I had to try it out. I didn't follow their directions but I did copy the idea. I love the way the dots looked like water drops.


August Birchbox and Glambag :)

I got both of my sample subscriptions in the mail yesterday. I gotta say I loved both of them. I think I'll use everything in both boxes. That doesn't always happen.


Stoned Chunky Holo

This is a quick post. I am having quite a day... especially with my uncooperative polishes. My Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black did not want to dry for some reason. I had mattified these but gave up after the polish getting messed up. So this is what they look like for a few more hours. I started with one layer of WnW Black Creme, One layer of KC Chunky Holo Black, and a layer of NYC matte top coat. I then applied a coat of Seche Vite to save them and added a few black stones.



Birthday Cake Star

Who doesn't like birthday cake and stars? I know I do! I wanted to use another polish I bought from Lush Lacquer. I really like their polishes.


Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches Pt. 2

Here is part 2 of my Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches. I had to do 2 parts because I placed an order and forgot so I placed another one. There were a few dupes since there were colors I had to have. It's ok though. Now I can carry one in my makeup bag for my purse and keep one with my massive amount of makeup at home.


Wildly Un-zipped

It has definitely been a while since I used a stamped image on my nails. I was rummaging through my plates and thought something new and different would be cool. I am not a huge fan of my Mash plate collection but I do like this zipper image. I think this looks cool with the glitter underneath the stamped image.


Lazy Days of Summer 9 - Thirst Quencher!

I am finally getting closer to finishing this challenge. Three done this week. I still have a few more days to go. So since the theme is thirst quencher, I thought about what great drinks remind me of summer. I have to admit that when I saw this on the challenge, I cringed and was clueless as to what I would do. One day it hit me that lemonade would be great. I then looked at the fimo sticks I had just bought and pink lemonade was a sure thing.


Trippin' Daisies

Another mani using flowers! This time they are daisies... Trippin' Daisies! I hand crafted this masterpiece and totally love it. I am trying these out here to get feedback on what you guys like. My mom has a booth at a consignment shop (New 2 You) in Port Orchard and I can sell some of these there as well as on here. All you have to do is ask :)


How To Prevent Your Eyeliner From Running by TBD

I was glad to see this post by the girls at the Beauty Department. I know this is geared more for lower lash liner but I think it would also work for those with water line slippage. I often have issues when I wear my UD and Mac liners on my water line. There's nothing worse for me than running liner. I have found the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Trios don't run for me. I bought the one for green eyes because it came with black, purple, and olive green. The colors I tend to wear the most. 

photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun

When I’m talking to friends and strangers, I can’t help but notice if their lower eyeliner has traveled down the lids, making it look like they have black eyes! It’s not their fault, really… kohl and kajal liners are made to be smudge-able and have a “slip” to them; even some longwear liners will smear a little if your eyelids are on the oilier side. Yet the whole mess could have easily been prevented if only they had ”set” the liner with a little powder immediately after applying it. Here’s how:


A flat-headed laydown eyeshadow brush {that’s a mouthful!} for perfect precision
Pressed powder {you can use one that is your exact shade or do what I do and use one that is slightly lighter than your skin tone so you get the bonus effect of highlighting the area to draw even more attention to your eyes

Dip the brush into the powder to load up both sides.
Place the brush in a vertical position directly and precisely below the liner, but adjacently touching it, then stamp and sweep it from one corner to the other. This will set it and keep it from traveling downward.
With the same brush, this time without reloading it with powder, sweep back over the area to really blend it in.



Lazy Days of Summer 8 - In the garden

Here is my summer flower garden. These are real dried flowers. I couldn't find the other style I have. No worries though. I can't find most things because I am in serious need of organization techniques. I am also lazy and don't put things where they belong. 


Versatile Blog Award

I have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award by Sam at Polished Art. Thanks Sam!! This is really exciting for me because it shows me that others really like what I post :)


Lazy Days of Summer 7 - Dotting Tool Summer Fun

I'm not the best at using my dotting tools but it takes practice. I think I did pretty good. I think my only issues were when the polish was getting tacky.


Liebster Award

Violet from Girls Night In gave me the Liebster Award! How cool :) I like getting the awards because I get to share with all of you! 


I found my BB Cream!!!

A few months ago I was looking for a good BB cream that was moisturizing and had light coverage. I found the one for me :)  
It is Boscia BB cream that is self adjusting. It has some SPF which is nice too. It applies nicely and gives a slight glow. It isn't obnoxious like the Too Faced creams. I think the Too Faced BB Creams are more like highlighters/bronzers but it's just my opinion.

Here is a dollop of the BB cream on my hand. It already looks like it matches but my face is a bit lighter than my hand.

Here it is blended on my hand. The few light freckles that were near the cream have been almost completely covered up. This is good because I have freckles and a little redness between my eyebrows. Anyways, I just wanted to share my awesome find :)



Re-Freshing Minty Chip

This just makes me crave some mint chocolate chip ice cream and I don't usually eat that flavor :)  I love this... especially since my fav color is green. I also love using just black and white glitters. Simple and cute.


Lazy Days of Summer 6 - Pool Party

So I thought I would try something different for this look since I already did a pool party look recently. I created a polish to use. It is full of a bunch of different types of glitter in a blue shimmer base.