Happy Easter!

First thing is... Happy Easter! for those who celebrate it. For others, happy last day of March!

I totally forgot that it was Easter today when I painted my nails last night. I didn't want to waste polish so I added some Easter flair to them. I have decided this works since it is a duochrome polish that shifts purple to green. I am pretty sure both of those colors can be seen during Easter, just not usually as dark. That's good enough for me :)


Golden Green Daisies

Here is a nice spring mani. It has been nice the last few days and I'm in a very Springtime mood. I love seeing the flowers and trees blossom. I gotta get some flower seeds planted soon.


Cosmic Gold Flower

I decided to do something simple. I had done my nails yesterday but they didn't turn out so great so that's why there was no post yesterday... well it's one reason. So I decided to wear one of my CC Halo Hues polishes and show off one of my new items from my Nail Art Society box.

My first Nail Art Society box

So here is a subscription service for nail art. How cool is that?? This month came with some cool stuff. I won't use everything but you never know. This costs $9.95/month and comes with a bunch of different stuff a month. From what I gather, it is a really good one. We will see within the next few months.


Swirly Prism

So I just bought some Mash stamp plates and decided to show one of them off today. I like most of the plates which is awesome. I especially like having a variety to choose from. I have actually added a bunch of new stamp plates to my page if you wanna look. I know I have more to add too. I also have to update my polish stash page. Where is all of my extra time? Anyways, I really love how this turned out. I totally forgot about this polish which is sad since it is so pretty. I do remember it is not fun removing.


My first BeautyBox 5 - March 2013

So here is another sample subscription service I am trying out. This one is BeautyBox 5 and costs $12 a month. I really loved having 2 good sample subscriptions but with Birchbox not being so great these days, I am trying out new ones. Who knows, I may decide to keep them all. Here is my March BeautyBox 5. 


My first Beauty Bar sample subscription... March 2013

So here is my first Beauty Bar Sample Society box. This was a good box to get first. It costs $15/month. It also came with a 6 page booklet with beauty tips and tricks from Allure.

March 2013 Birchbox

Here is my March Birchbox. I don't really understand the theme since March Madness really is about college hoops. This box has absolutely nothing to do with basketball which is a good thing. 

Audrey's Studded Gummy Green

Here is a new look. This is my first time using square studs. I was going to place them so they looked like a diamond but changed my mind last minute. I just bought a few of the new Hard Candy polishes too and wanted to show one of them off.


Flip Flop Fuggetaboutit!

I have a new top 5 favorite polish! I ordered another color changing polish from Pretty & Polished and absolutely love it. I was thinking about making a polish similar to this but blue. I have other ideas for that now.


Google Reader gone July 1st

For those of you that use Google Reader to keep up with your favorite blogs, you'll have to find another way to do so after July 1st. No worries though, here are a couple of options I am showing you.

Transitioning from Google Reader to feedly:

If you'd prefer to follow your favourite blogs on Bloglovin':



#16 Let It Snow Challenge: St. Patricks Day

Happy St. Patty's day! Hope everyone is having a great day whether you celebrate with green beer or not. So here is the last day of this challenge but I start a new one very soon. I think it starts at the beginning of April. So I decided to do an ombre with stamps. I had such a hard time figuring out what green colors to use. I have a lot of green since it is my favorite color.


#15 Let It Snow Challenge: Longing For Summer

This is my longing for summer mani. I thought it would look cute to be dreaming of the sun. This looks more like daisies but I did put the dots going up to the cloud. Either way you look at it, it is cute.


March Ipsy bag

So this month's Ipsy theme is all about "The Great Escape" It is not my favorite Ipsy bag but not completely disappointing. The bag itself doesn't thrill me but I do like that it is not plain. Inside the bag were 2 eyeshadow refills from Yaby, A GlamRX palette, La Fresh makeup remover wipes, and a toner and refresher spray by Juice Beauty.


#14 Let It Snow Challenge: Winter Blues

Well here is my Winter blues mani. I wanted to use a bunch of different blue polishes to show my different levels of being blue. I need to do more water marbles to get better at them. There are some really cool techniques I want to try but need to work up to that. I gotta say that I am happy that this is the last winter themed mani. Now it's time to start up on some spring flowers :)


I lil' Disco Disco

This mani is a half way point to the finish but really liked the way it looked so I sported it around for a day. I am going to try doing a water marble over it later. I want to see if the holo glitter shows up under it. I'm hoping it would be like a jelly sandwich. We'll see soon enough.


#13 Let It Snow Challenge: Winter Ombre/Gradient

Here is my Winter Gradient mani. It's just a tad bit on the late side. I wanted to keep it light and soft looking so I used light colors. I just love how pretty gradients are. I need to do them more often!


Forget You Fergie

I recently bought some super cute Fergilicious ballet flats. I decided to match my nails to them. I have to say, I did a great job at doing it too. I probably wouldn't have bought these cute shoes if they were the full price. I got these for about $12. 

Aqua Splash Moons

Well I went out to my neighborhood Fred Meyer and grabbed myself 2 of the new Milani Texture polishes. I wanted to try one of them out right away and came up with this look.

I'm back! Here is the Starlooks Box that I won

So I won this Starlooks box from the Makeup Talk website. Starlooks is another subscription service. Every month, you'll receive a box filled with 3-4 full sized pieces of Starlooks brand makeup (plus some fun, little extras). Each month will include a different mix of product types including colors, styles, formulas, etc. It costs $15 a month plus shipping. 


Quick update

Well, my camera is not connecting to either laptop. I can't get the pictures off of it. I am trying to get it fixed. I will have a bunch of posts once it is back up and working.



It's my blog-a-versary!

Wow, I have been here for a whole year now. I really don't have much of a post today. I am not feeling all that great due to my chiropractor asking me to temporarily stop taking my pain meds for my fibromyalgia. He wanted to be able to truly judge where I am at with my adjustments and stuff. Luckily, it was just a 2 day thing. I opted for something easy and decided to show off a Color Club Halo Hues polish I haven't worn yet.