My Goofy Girl :)

Of course I had the camera set on the wrong lighting aspect and she wouldn't pose for another pic. I think this is cute... she's smiling!

So I have just redesigned my blog and I wanted some feedback. Anything I should add or change? 



Magnetic Butterfly

 When I was grabbing some polish for my mom, I noticed my magnetic polishes sitting in the stand and very lonely. I couldn't find any of my magnets so I almost nixed the idea but remembered one of the polishes comes with a magnet built into the removable cap. So here is what I came up with.


Pure Ice Vinyl Remix and Coronation Remix

I had been searching for a few weeks for the new Pure Ice Vinyl Remix sets. I finally found them at Walmart Friday night. I bought all but the yellow. I'm not a big yellow fan, So I have some swatches and my first nail look using them.

Another Fyrinnae swatch post with Pixie Epoxy

After getting my first batch of Fyrinnae pigments, I decided I wanted to get the Pixie Epoxy sticky base they talked about on the site. Since I was purchasing it, I decided to throw in a couple more pigments. I bought the full size and mini of the Pixie Epoxy so I would have one for my purse.


Big Kitty animal print differences

I have seen people get rude about labeling a look incorrectly. So I thought I would post this so you can see the difference. It's funny that I never hear anyone say "This is jaguar print" though I'm sure I've seen prints just like that. Anyways, here are the differences.

  • Leopard: These cats have a pattern that looks flower like (called rosettes) in large numbers with a slightly different color inside.
  • Jaguar: Jaguars' markings also include rosetted dots but they sometimes have spots in the center as well as a darker, thicker outline. Typically, there are larger rosettes in smaller numbers on this species.
  • Cheetah: No rosettes here, the Cheetahs have solid, evenly-distributed spots.



Immortal Plushie

So here is my first look using my new Fyrinnae shadows. I used Dinosaur Plushie and Immortality which both have flashes of multi-colored sparkle. I think you can see the sparkle in these pics though nothing like in person. This look lasted for 13 hours with no fading or creasing so I am very happy with the shadows. 

Can you dig my fantasy fire? all matted up

Here is my Can you dig my fantasy fire? look all mattified. I think it looks better matte than glossy. The color change the Fantasy Fire brings really stands out. I used NYC matte topcoat which was super cheap at Walmart. The Kleancolor Matte topcoat I have give the nail more of a satin finish which isn't what I'm looking for in a matte topcoat.


Neon Leopard

I feel so 80's right now! Nothing like some neon animal print. It has been a gloomy, rainy week and wanted to brighten things up. This definitely worked for me. 


Fyrinnae swatches

I was browsing through some of the links I saved a while back and ran across the Fyrinnae site. I hadn't bought any shadows so I started browsing and WOW! These pigments are phenomenal. Sooooo pretty. The best part is the price. I decided to get samples which are $2.00 a piece and you get quite a bit. The full size are around $5-$6. Most look best with a sticky base. Some are not lip safe. All are eye safe though :)


Can you dig my fantasy fire?

I was in the mood to wear my Max Factor Fantasy Fire and decided to out it on top of a purple color. I was going to put a stamp on top of it but decided not to. The Fantasy Fire is kind of hard to take great pics of. 


My new Makeup Geek shadows

Here is the first part of my Makeup Geek eyeshadow purchase. I actually find myself doing this a lot... I make a purchase and try to limit it to a certain amount. Then a few days later I am purchasing more... and more. I actually made three purchases in the sale week. I know I'll probably get more eventually but right now I need to really get some organization going. I need to make a beauty room for my makeup and nail stuff thats overflowing in my bedroom.



Few things smell better than coconut and rose so let’s combine them, shall we? In this Kitchen Beautician DIY, we’re making a “Spring Time Scrub” to help you exfoliate and get your skin super soft for the coming summer months. Bathing suit season is just around the corner and nobody wants to be the ashy girl! Here’s my new favorite way to get rid of dry skin caused by winter dryness...

Stranger Eclipse

I wanted to do an eclipse theme for today's event even though I won't get a chance to actually see it... Darn weather!! 


Eye Kandii Cosmetics samples

Eye Kandii Cosmetics is an Etsy shop that specializes in mineral pigments, lip gloss, eye primer, gel liner, etc. I received the pigments below in a grab bag and def worth it. The colors are super pigmented. 


Hazardous hairstyle???

Letting your bangs cover one eye can cause visual obscuration that can result in amblyopia, a disorder commonly referred to as lazy eye. The hair covering the eye acts like an eye patch, which prevents the eye's access to sunlight and stimulation, which can weaken the eye and cause shortsightedness. If a person has hair covering one eye all the time, that eye won't see a lot of detail. Amblyopia is most common in youngsters including teens but you can still be affected later in life.

Christina Milian


Just an FYI...

If you bought any of these shoes, there is a class action suit to get a refund of some of your money:

Skechers Shape-ups...................$40.00
Skechers Resistance Runner.......$42.00
Skechers Toners.........................$27.00
Skechers Tone-ups.....................$20.00

The link to the site is... http://www4.ftc.gov/bcp/cases/skechers/index.shtm

This is not spam just so you know. I bought a few pairs of these and can tell you the Shape-Ups are a joke. They did absolutely nothing for me. I have Fibromyalgia and believe these helped cause some of my flare-ups. I switched to a different shoe and have been felling somewhat better. Anyways, just wanted to pass the info along.


Millionaire Fortune

I wanted to do a striping look and this is what I came up with. I used Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes in Blue Wants to be a Millionaire and Teal of Fortune. For the stripes I grabbed some gold striping and cut pieces to place on my nails.I think it looks cool.


Franken bases

This is an FYI...Polishous is forming a buying group to purchase suspension bases at a significant discount. Due to shipping restrictions, she will only be offering the bases in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. Minimum order is 4 bottles, any combination. There are two different bases available: 

Glitter Suspension Base (used for polishes with glitter) $8.99/4 oz.; 14.99/8 oz. 
Clear Suspension Base (used for all creams/heavy micas) $8.99/4 oz.; 14.99/8 oz. 

This price does NOT include shipping charges. The deadline for ordering is May 18. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to order, receive and re-bottle the product. To place your pre-order, please send an e-mail to moderncountrymom@gmail.com (Please use Polish Bulk Order in the subject line) with your name, quantity desired of each (what size, type etc.) and your PayPal e-mail address. Invoices will be sent out the day after the deadline.

She has made the decision to go forward as a supplier of glitter suspension base but this is the start. If interested, check out her post... http://www.polishous.com/p/wholesale-and-bulk.html

I am sooo excited to get this... I have bought so much stuff that really needs a suspension base. Once I get my order, I'm going to make a bunch of new polishes so keep your eye out for those.



Party Blobs

A little over a month ago I found these Essence Nail Color 3 polishes. They are double-ended polishes, usually with a creme shimmer and a glittery jelly. These are cool because they can create three different looks depending on how you apply them. The stamp looks like little blobs... almost Nickelodeon-esque. 


My new iPad messenger bag

I bought this super cute Nicole Lee messenger bag with cute belting details. I really tried to use it as a regular purse but I had to dig everything out of it to get to things. Sad thing is it barely had anything in it and it was full. So my iPad adopted it. At least it'll get some good use :)


Birchbox: How To: Hollywood Waves

This is not what I expected! So easy to do. I wonder how it would look on my shorter hair. I might have to try it out and share :)



Tangerine Love Bondage

It was time to switch up the polish. I recently got new polishes and used two of them. The gold color I used for my stamp came in my Birchbox yesterday. It is Color Club Disco Nap. The base color is from my Sephora + Pantone Universe set in Tangerine Tango Creme. It's kinda funny how both polishes refer to dances. Just a random thought.


Lumi Sunpepper

This was a very nice look with a lot of shimmer and sparkle. I love how the light reflects off of the light mint color. It was perfect for the sunny day.

DIY Lash Bar from TBD

This fun DIY project is to show you how many options you have with false lashes and the degrees of drama that come with each. You don’t have to buy accent or individual lashes when you can just make your own by cutting them however you wish.

photos + post by amy nadine, design by eunice chun
TOOLS: Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes, Small Scissors, and DUO Lash Glue (I prefer the clear/white shade so it dries clear)
HOMEMADE INDIVIDUALS: Cut them in between any groupings (some groupings have more hairs than others). I used three on my assistant Carissa but you can use as many/few as you like. Notice how with individuals you can flare them outwards more for a winged effect. **TIP: let the glue get “tacky” for 2 minutes so you can literally just stick them on the lashline and they won’t turn or slide.
HALF (ACCENT) STRIP: Cut the strip in half and use either end (I prefer the end that would have been on the inside corner even though you’ll place it on the outside corner). Trace the glue along the band, wait two minutes, place it directly on your lash line then squeeze the false lashes together with your own lashes using your index finger + thumb. Notice how the lashes “sit up” more when they are bound together as opposed to when they are by themselves.
FULL STRIP: Again, let the glue get tacky for two full minutes then place directly on lashline.  Notice how the lashes sit up even more and appear longer when they are all attached on a long strip. **TIP: if the strip is longer than your lashline, hold it next to it for sizing then trim off the excess length. I also went in and trimmed around a few of them to make a few “wispies” longer than the rest.

When I wear false lashes, I usually wear these styles. I buy them from Sally's and use Duo eyelash adhesive in clear. I apply all eye makeup minus mascara and apply the strips. Once they dry, I make sure to go over the seam with eyeliner to try to hide them. I usually use a gel liner but I'm sure most will work. The false lashes are usually used for when I go out since my lashes are pretty nice on their own... well I think they are.


Re-fresh Formidable!

So my mani using just Mac Formidable! didn't last one day without chipping. I didn't have a lot of time to mess with them so I put some french tip guides on and put CG Re-fresh Mint. Here is the finished look. It's pretty good for something quick.



She Who Dares to use My Dark Magic

I painted my nails with Mac Formidable! and decided to make it a Mac Venomous Villains day. I grabbed both of my mineral shadows plus a few others and came up with this look.  

OCC Lip Tars

Here is my stash of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars. I bought them all from Suite7Beauty. These are highly pigmented that have a satin finish. They stay on for hours and you don't use very much at all. I love them. Even though some colors look similar, they are far from the same. The slightest difference shows.



I was going through my polish trying to find a beauty I haven't worn in a while that is spectacular on its own and my Mac Formidable! jumped out at me. It is from the Venomous Villains launch and sold out very quickly. You can see why in the pic.


The other day I was going through tutorials from different sites and found one using the Maybelline Color Tattoo eye shadows. This look is nothing close to what I had seen but I had recently bought the Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy and wanted to use it. I called it suset because after looking at it, it reminded me of a pretty sunset here in WA.

Kleancolor Neon Night Life mini set

Here is my new Kleancolor Neon Night Life mini set. It has a few neons and a few regular looking colors. I got it for $3.99 at Ross over the weekend. I like how it is all colors of the rainbow. 


How to DIY Ombre "Angel Face Halo" Highlights

Have you wanted to do highlights on your long hair but have issues? A highlighting cap definitely doesn't work for long hair. Kandee Johnson put together a video showing how to highlight long hair. Now let's watch as she shows you how she did her hair.


  • a glass or plastic bowl
  • a hair color brush or you could try to just use your fingers
  • plastic gloves
  • foil (you can pre-cut it into strips)
  • 20 - 40 Volume Developer (20 for light hair or 30, or 40 for dark hair like mine is what you need to lift the color out)
  • Powder Hair Lightener (the off the scalp kind) -- you can buy this at any beauty supply
  • make sure you wear an old t-shirt in case you get any bleach on it...
  • (blow dryer- option to heat up the hair and speed up the lightening process)

You could always step up the crazy color-ness and after you lighten the hair, dye it a fun color like red or turquoise. If you dont' feel like you can do this yourself, tell your hair stylist that you want sort of "Ombre highlighted pieces all around your face- to frame your face with highlights"...
Like a halo of highlights around your angelic little face!




Cracked Opal Marina

I just received another free polish from Zoya and really wanted to use it. It is a dusty blue shimmer. I thought it looked close to a denim color. I bought Nicole by OPI Opal Texture yesterday and thought it would look great on top.


Sephora + Pantone Universe

I found this beauty on Thursday at Sephora. I have been coveting orange polishes lately and these were perfect. I got four different polishes, each with a different finish, in the same color. My pictures are a little dark but still close to the true color. The orange is dark.


Fiesta Party

I thought about nail designs for Cinco de Mayo. I chose 5 dominant colors seen in mexican culture and painted each nail a different color. Then I painted Sticks n Stones on top of it. It looks like fun times!

Target Beauty Bag

So I received my free makeup bag from Target. I love the bag and it came full of samples. I haven't had a chance to use the samples but I will someday.
The samples included in here are singled out below