NCC Favorite Color #3 - Chita Dots

For some reason I feel drained and unmotivated these days. No idea why. I haven't had any urge to paint my nails all pretty. This mani is plain but I still like it. It almost looks Christmas-y.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Turkey Time

I had so many cute ideas for today's mani but ended up just doing a stamp. This is the first time I have put any type of feather look on my nails. I like it more than I thought I would. I wish I had added more color before the top coat but I spaced it. I probably would have messed it up with my luck. Now I have to figure out a Thanksgiving mani for the last one of this challenge.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Jewel Tones

Today is all about jewel tones. I had so many choices but figured I would go with this blue because I have Lynnderella Sapphire Starfire and that definitely counts as a jewel. I added some gold rings to complete the jewelry look.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Fireside

I gotta say that this Fireside mani just came together on its own. I had no real idea what I was going to do at first. I am excited that it turned out pretty cool looking. It had been a long time since I did a matte mani too.


NCC Favorite Color #2 - Masquerade

I am pretty excited that I get to show this off today. This is Masquerade by Cult Nails. It is a pretty dark teal color with a nice multichrome shimmer from pink to green to gold. I wish I had pre-ordered more than one set since it is already sold out. The two other polishes are nice too.



I thought I would apologize for my absence this week. I have had to work 7 days in a row which wore me out as well as change my shift hours. I now work 6 hours earlier than I was. I am just about caught up on sleep n stuff and will catch up on my challenges soon. See you then :)



Falling For Nail Art Challenge - First Frost

Today's mani is about the first frost of the season. I love and hate frost... love it when I look at it but hate it when I need to drive. My windows get all fogged up and it takes forever to get warmed up. Along with the first frost are mittens because it is cold outside. So that's where I went with this mani.

NCC Favorite Color #1 - Do You See Green Opal?

As most of you know, my favorite color is green. I am glad this month is all about my favorite color because it gave me a reason to use my recently purchased Lynnderella Do You See What I See? I really don't need an excuse but haven't had a chance to wear it yet. I also used another untried polish for this mani.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Spiced Up

This one took me a minute to figure out what to do. I knew I wanted to use my Butter London Brown Sugar polish but that was it. I came up with apple pies which are full of yummy spices. I also used one of my mini Ruby Wings polishes and my nails smell like cinnamon! Like I said... Yummy!!


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Harvest

Today's theme is Harvest. I thought it would be cool to do some layering for this one. I decided a brown base was perfect to put flakies on top of. I don't usually wear brown polish but for this occasion it just seemed right.


NCC Halloween #4 - Steampunk

I dressed up in a steampunk outfit and am showing off my actual Halloween mani. I am excited because I made my necklace, earrings, and decorated my hat. I forgot how much I love making jewelry and stuff like that. I am pretty sad that I didn't really get any pics of my costume.


FFNAC - Halloween and NCC Halloween #3 - Cute Monsters

I'm posting this a little late and pulling some double duty. I'm posting this for both challenges I'm doing now. I wanted to do a Halloween mani using these cute little monsters. They probably wouldn't be so cute if they really existed. I'm just sayin.