Falling For Nail Art Challenge - First Frost

Today's mani is about the first frost of the season. I love and hate frost... love it when I look at it but hate it when I need to drive. My windows get all fogged up and it takes forever to get warmed up. Along with the first frost are mittens because it is cold outside. So that's where I went with this mani.

I started it all out with two coats of Zoya Blu. It was one of the minis from the set they sold this past summer. 

Last holiday season I had made some polishes to sell at a consignment booth my mom had but no one bought any so it came back in to my collection. The name of it is Frost-Bitten.

Here is a macro shot of my polish Frost-Bitten. It is a clear base with large iridescent blue squares, matte blue stars, white bars, light turquoise dots, and various sizes and colors of hex glitters. In the top left you can see spots of iridescent blue... those look yellow straight on but flash blue at certain angles. 

I actually used two different stamps but the one underneath is silver and meant to be somewhat hidden. For the bottom stamp, I used my silver Konad polish and Pueen36 plate. For the mitten, I used a blue stamping polish and Bundle Monster BM-H03.

I added a coat of China Glaze Tease over all of my nails to give them more of a frosty look. It didn't come out as I had planned but it did dull down the glitter a bit. I wanted it to look more sandwiched.


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