IWIA 7 Galactic nails

I’ve been forgetting to post! I have been dipping now for a couple months and am feeling like I’ve grasped it pretty well. It’s not too hard. I tend to press my nail down into the dip for the most part. Here’s my current mani. My thumb, pointer, and pinky have Sparkle & Co IWIA 7 Morning, Moon, and Night. My middle and ring finger have C&J’s Dip Powder Rhea. I topped off my middle finger with Sparkle & Co Galactic Episode.


Blog coming back to life!!

It has been years since I’ve logged in and posted anything. Those that used to read it, well I’m sorry. I’m on a new journey and have decided to blog again. Could be good or not so much. I’ve decided to venture into the world of nail dips. I just got my first order delivered today and will be trying them out this weekend. I’m hoping I can make a few of my own colors too. Let’s just see how it goes. Right now I’m sporting some regular nail polish with stamping. It looks quite grunge to me... love plaid!



Will be slowly returning

So I have a new job working at a school district. I love it! It is so much better than the casino. I feel like I make a difference which has been picking me up outta the funk I've been in. I have to find my camera and charge it up. Look for something in the next few days.



Long time, right?

Well I have been working on myself and am getting better. I'm on a new medication that is really helping with my fibromyalgia pain though that's not why I was prescribed it. I haven't been painting my nails very often and my cuticle suck right now but I am thinking about picking up where I left off soon. Yesterday, the nail on my pointer finger on my left hand broke and look/feels awful. Here is a pic of the nail right now. Hopefully next week it will be a bit better so I can blog here and there. I also have to get my good camera out since this is from my iPhone 6 and the coloring looks a bit off.



Iridescent Lilac Frenchy

So I have had a couple nice manis the last week but have failed to take pics. I actually packed up my camera and charger when starting my bedroom reorganization. I started that a couple months ago and it barely started and then I lost motivation... kinda like I did with this blog. Now I am planning on starting it up again and will make sure to get my camera ready to go again. So for now, iPhone pics will have to do.

So here is a look I haven't worn in forever. I happened to stumble upon one of the polishes I made last year and thought I would use it while my nails aren't too stained for it to look bad. I call it Iridescent Lilac. It is a light purple jelly with iridescent glitter and shimmer. I love it! I especially love the iridescent squares. You can see them best on my middle finger. I used three coats so you know how light of a color it really is.

I used my Orly white striper for the tips. I only had to fix one nail and it was on my other hand. I am so proud of myself for that! 



Literary Lacquers Ether Binge = Summer!

Here is the start of my return. I am feeling better and starting to want to blog again. So I am starting it all off with a new polish I received about a week ago. It is such a pretty color in and out of the sun!


Hello friends!

I know I kinda went MIA without much notice. I have had to deal with my own things and haven't had the desire to even paint my nails but every 3 - 4 days. I think I will come back to this soon but for now, I am on a brief hiatus. I am starting to think about painting my nails more often and blogging so I am getting there. Next time I post, I will be showing off some nail art!



Her Briar Rose Wood Gradient

I did this mani three weeks ago and just posting it. Sorry about that! I have really lost my love for blogging. I am leisurely posting now to see how it goes. I don't want to stop all together but I need some time. I have been struggling lately with my fibromyalgia and also re-injured my left wrist while at work. Yesterday, I went to see a therapist for the first time and she has managed to make me feel very depressed again. She said I will never find myself in a relationship because I don't have anything to offer. I told her that is how I feel but I don't think she is supposed to agree! Now I just feel like a worthless, fat, ugly loser. I have cried a few times since then. I wish I could hide in my room. I wish I could just be happy. Anyways, sorry about all of that. Back to the purpose of my blog...


My Nail Polish Cubby is Almost Done!

Here is what my nail polish cubby looks like so far. It is almost done! 


KKCenterHK Flower Nail Foil Review and Discount Code

I was sent some stuff to review by KKCenterHK and am reviewing a cool flower nail foil. The nail foil is N.Nail Lovely Flower Sea Nail Foil Transfer. It has a clear background to it so you can put any color on underneath and it will show through. I wanted to show off the foil and thought it would look nice over a nude base.