NCC Pastels #4 - Peachy Dream

I just realized it was the end of the month and I still had another pastel mani to do. I did my best to try and not use a color I had already used. I found some peach polishes and came up with this.


Grey-t Graffiti

I decided to wear grey polish to match a shirt I was wearing. I decided to do a layered look using 3 different polishes. To me, it looks like graffiti... very punk rock and totally me! 


Gilty Strumpet

I have fallen behind on doing posts. I've been doing different manis, taking pics, and uploading them to Picasa. I just haven't actually written the posts. I need to quit slacking off. Anyways, I recently bought a new pair of Betsey Johnson octopus earrings and wanted to match my nails to them. I took a picture of all of them together below.


Divas Only Ruffian

I decided to use my new polish... Duri Divas Only. Divas only is a purple polish with a very strong green flash. It is so pretty! I decided to spice it up by doing a ruffian. I hadn't done one in a while and actually found an easy way for me to do it.


NCC Pastels #3: Pastel Plaid

Here is my attempt at hand painted plaid. I think I need better brushes and skill. I'm just sayin! I picked colors that matched my polish creation Sweet Star. I thought it was the perfect pastel glitter polish. I wore this here once before but it was over a dark color and looked completely different.


Swirly Starry Gemma

I needed to do a mani with green in it. I just bought Zoya Gemma and really wanted to use it. Actually, all of the stuff I used is new to me. I recently bought the polishes and stamp plate. 

April Nail Art Society box

I got my second Nail Art Society box a few days ago. I am glad the cost went down but not the amount of stuff you get. It costs $9.95 a month now instead of the $19.95. That's a good price cut. I like this month better than last month too. Anyways, check out what I got...


Of Corset I'll Call You Luxe and Lush

I was going to post this yesterday but got distracted by the bombings in Boston. It was so sad to hear about the terrible tragedy. I just wanted to cry. My thoughts go out to the victims and their families.

I decided to try out my new Sation polish. I didn't know it was more like a jelly polish when I started off. Since it is a jelly, I made me a jelly sandwich :) I used polish with flakies instead of glitter which looks so cool in person.


April Ispy!

April is Pretty In Pink! I love pink makeup n stuff. I only received one sample in this bag which is AWESOME!!!! All three other things are full sized. Yay! I love Ipsy :)


Geometric Palare

I just got 8 OCC polishes I bought on sale at ACW for $6 a piece because of discontinued bottles.  I don't care what the bottle looks like as long as the polish is pretty. I actually like these bottles better than the new ones. 


NCC Pastels #2 - Zara & Lace

Today I am showing you my second pastel challenge for the month. I love how pretty pastel purple is. I have to say pastel purple is my favorite even though green is my favorite color. I'm more of a chartreuse green fan than a mint green fan. Anyways, that was way off subject of this post.


OMG! A Camo Queen

So I recently bought 4 of the China Glaze Holographic polishes. They are definitely not as "in your face" holo as the Color Club Halo Hues polishes but they are still nice. I tried to get colors not similar to the Color Club ones but it really wouldn't have mattered since they are different. 


Blue Who??

I have finally made my color changing polish and it is pretty. I have so many more ideas for making others. I only have this one color changing pigment but thought I could add red or yellow to make different colors. Now I need to get a bottle of Gelous or whatever works to smooth out glitter polish. Suggestions for that are very welcome!


NCC Pastels #1 - Happy Anniversary NCC!

So I have a few things goin on here. This is the one year anniversary of The Nail Challenge Collaborative. We have changed our format a bit and will pick a theme for each month and do four themed manis. April is all about pastels. I thought it was a great excuse to use a few of my new Zoya spring polishes.


Pink S&M

I decided to use more polishes I haven't tried out yet... well almost all of them are new. I have to say I really had no idea what I was going for at first. I thought using the gray with pastels would be cute but changed it to pinks and it just came to this. Polka dots and Spun Sugar!


Happi for Spring

Hello April! I am in such a great mood these days with the nice, sunny, and warm days. I know rain is on the horizon but I'm not letting it get me down. I received the Zoya Color Cuties I ordered and decided to use this one first. It is a very spring/girly color to me that adding butterflies and flowers were the perfect fit.