April Nail Art Society box

I got my second Nail Art Society box a few days ago. I am glad the cost went down but not the amount of stuff you get. It costs $9.95 a month now instead of the $19.95. That's a good price cut. I like this month better than last month too. Anyways, check out what I got...

The first thing that I got was a set of nail art polish and some tip guides and rhinestones. It looks to be perfect for summer nail art. 

I got a small thing of nail art striping in aqua. I only use this stuff for making nice lines.

I got a set of bows. They look so cute. I hate that there are 3 of each pattern. It only makes sense to have an even number. 

... and some nail glue for attaching the bows.

I gotta say this is cool because I get stuff I wouldn't normally use or buy. This is good because I can try different styles. An example is the bows. They are cute but I would normally say they are too big and never buy them. I already have an idea of a mani using them.


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