Static Hearts

A couple days ago I bought three new Salon Perfect polishes. Well since I have been using untrieds so far this month, I decided to keep it going. I wanted to do something cute and fun. This is what I came up with.


NCC Untrieds #4 - Milky Way Flower

Well I am turning into a bad blogger since it has been over a week since my last post. So much for the New Year's resolution! Oh well. I have been dealing with a change in meds and setting up my own little nail polish cubby. I'll post pics once it is all done. I am excited to get it done! I am in dire need of some real organization of my 1000+ polishes. So, I have my last untrieds mani for my challenge this month.


NCC Untrieds #3 - Too Dimensional?

So I had bought three L'Oreal polishes from the Gold Dust collection a couple months ago and left them in a bag. I have been setting up a little nail polish cubby and found them. I had forgotten how pretty and sparkly they looked in the bottle. Too Dimensional? has a blurple base with a gold dust shimmer and blue/silver glitters mixed in.


NCC Untrieds #2 - Lux Bow Bling

I finally am trying out one of my new Zoya PixieDust polishes. This is Lux which is a light rose holo glitter textured polish. I guess you probably already knew that from the picture. I am also trying out a new nail bling bow and some rhinestones.


NCC Untrieds #1 - Intergalactic Space

Well my first untried polish mani is a boring one. I am using Orly Intergalactic Space. It looks like a dark grey jelly with blue shimmer along with copper and fuchsia hex glitters. There are also white dot glitter in it. I had high hopes for this polish. It just looked as if it would be amazing. I do like it much better in person. It does have sparkle to it. I think it's one of those polishes that don't photograph well... or it's just my not great camera skills.



I just wanted to let everyone know I'm ok. I have neglected my blog for over a week. I have been busy with work. I haven't even changed my nail polish in five days. Seems weird but I have been so tired that I just leave them alone. They still look good.

I am looking to actually organize my polishes better. I bought two different styles of polish racks that'll hold over 300. I also bought a small desk. I am making a small cubby in the house a polish station. I'll probably need more but I want to get these filled and set up first.

Anyways, I will get back to blogging in the next day or two. This month's theme for mt NCC group is all about using my untrieds. I have so many that I think I'm gonna dedicate the rest of the month with using my untried polishes. I have so many! I actually just bought 16 Sephora by OPI polishes from Big Lots for $1.80 a piece.