NCC Untrieds #1 - Intergalactic Space

Well my first untried polish mani is a boring one. I am using Orly Intergalactic Space. It looks like a dark grey jelly with blue shimmer along with copper and fuchsia hex glitters. There are also white dot glitter in it. I had high hopes for this polish. It just looked as if it would be amazing. I do like it much better in person. It does have sparkle to it. I think it's one of those polishes that don't photograph well... or it's just my not great camera skills.

I used two coats for this mani. I wish more of the dots came up in the polish. I didn't go digging for them since there doesn't seem to be much in there.



  1. For some reason this reminds me a lot of a discontinued glitter shade by German drugstore brand p2. ^^; Well, that one doesn't have the large dots though.

    1. Hmmm, all I know is it is different than what I already have. I'm trying to eliminate some of my dupes and giving them to friends since I have way too much polish.


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