Her Briar Rose Wood Gradient

I did this mani three weeks ago and just posting it. Sorry about that! I have really lost my love for blogging. I am leisurely posting now to see how it goes. I don't want to stop all together but I need some time. I have been struggling lately with my fibromyalgia and also re-injured my left wrist while at work. Yesterday, I went to see a therapist for the first time and she has managed to make me feel very depressed again. She said I will never find myself in a relationship because I don't have anything to offer. I told her that is how I feel but I don't think she is supposed to agree! Now I just feel like a worthless, fat, ugly loser. I have cried a few times since then. I wish I could hide in my room. I wish I could just be happy. Anyways, sorry about all of that. Back to the purpose of my blog...


My Nail Polish Cubby is Almost Done!

Here is what my nail polish cubby looks like so far. It is almost done! 


KKCenterHK Flower Nail Foil Review and Discount Code

I was sent some stuff to review by KKCenterHK and am reviewing a cool flower nail foil. The nail foil is N.Nail Lovely Flower Sea Nail Foil Transfer. It has a clear background to it so you can put any color on underneath and it will show through. I wanted to show off the foil and thought it would look nice over a nude base.