Iridescent Lilac Frenchy

So I have had a couple nice manis the last week but have failed to take pics. I actually packed up my camera and charger when starting my bedroom reorganization. I started that a couple months ago and it barely started and then I lost motivation... kinda like I did with this blog. Now I am planning on starting it up again and will make sure to get my camera ready to go again. So for now, iPhone pics will have to do.

So here is a look I haven't worn in forever. I happened to stumble upon one of the polishes I made last year and thought I would use it while my nails aren't too stained for it to look bad. I call it Iridescent Lilac. It is a light purple jelly with iridescent glitter and shimmer. I love it! I especially love the iridescent squares. You can see them best on my middle finger. I used three coats so you know how light of a color it really is.

I used my Orly white striper for the tips. I only had to fix one nail and it was on my other hand. I am so proud of myself for that! 



Literary Lacquers Ether Binge = Summer!

Here is the start of my return. I am feeling better and starting to want to blog again. So I am starting it all off with a new polish I received about a week ago. It is such a pretty color in and out of the sun!