NCC Around The World #4 - Cherry Blossoms in China

Here is the last mani for the NCC Around The World challenge. I really waited until last minute to get these last 2 in on time. I went the easy route and used stamps for the cherry blossoms.


NCC Around The World #3 - Seattle!

Here is my NCC Around the World #3. I had to do a Seattle mani since it's kinda where I live... I can see the Space Needle from my house. It had to be green because Seattle is the Emerald City. I tried some freehand painting to paint the Space Needle and am actually very pleased with the results. I was expecting to have to do a few tries at it before it looked good. I also played with a few new polishes too.


West End Baker

I recently bought my first polishes by Cult Nails. I don't know why I waited so long but now I have 8. I am so excited to use them all! I decided to go with a nice, kinda neutral mani so I used Baker. I gotta say my pics just don't do it much justice.


It's Totally Fort-Worth Diamonds

I recently bought some nail polishes and thought it was a good time to show them off. They aren't new-new but are new to me. I painted on OPI It's Totally Fort-Worth It and it just seemed boring. I had to add something so I went with a stamp. That was also boring so I decided to add a pop of color.


NCC Around The World #2 - Paris

Here is my Paris Amour mani which is my second mani for our NCC Around the World theme this month. I was going to add more to show Paris as the city of love but I thought it looked nice like this. I didn't want it to look too busy.


NCC Around The World #1 - Greece

Today, I bring you the first of my Around The World manis. I decided to go with Greece and paint their flag on my nails. It was pretty simple to do since I have no skills to do something extravagant like greek mythology and stuff like that. 


A bit frustrated right now!

Ugh! I have been trying to do something with my nails but keep messing them up. They keep chipping before I can finish. Guess I've been working too rough with my hands... or maybe it's the very dry weather. I dunno. It is definitely frustrating. I am hoping to get something posted tomorrow.



Nail Fraud Zebra Glitter Strips

I thought I would try the nail stickers I received a while ago from Nail Art Society. I am so glad they are back up and running! I can't wait to see what I get for this month. Really, I was just lazy and didn't feel like painting my nails. I might have to invest in more nail stickers.


Dreamy Shells

Today I decided to do a stamped mani using two opposite images. I've been wanting to do this since I got my Wistonia plates. There are a few of the images that have an opposite. I think it's cool because the nails will actually match. I notice that sometimes the color doesn't come out the same when it is stamped.