Long time, right?

Well I have been working on myself and am getting better. I'm on a new medication that is really helping with my fibromyalgia pain though that's not why I was prescribed it. I haven't been painting my nails very often and my cuticle suck right now but I am thinking about picking up where I left off soon. Yesterday, the nail on my pointer finger on my left hand broke and look/feels awful. Here is a pic of the nail right now. Hopefully next week it will be a bit better so I can blog here and there. I also have to get my good camera out since this is from my iPhone 6 and the coloring looks a bit off.



Iridescent Lilac Frenchy

So I have had a couple nice manis the last week but have failed to take pics. I actually packed up my camera and charger when starting my bedroom reorganization. I started that a couple months ago and it barely started and then I lost motivation... kinda like I did with this blog. Now I am planning on starting it up again and will make sure to get my camera ready to go again. So for now, iPhone pics will have to do.

So here is a look I haven't worn in forever. I happened to stumble upon one of the polishes I made last year and thought I would use it while my nails aren't too stained for it to look bad. I call it Iridescent Lilac. It is a light purple jelly with iridescent glitter and shimmer. I love it! I especially love the iridescent squares. You can see them best on my middle finger. I used three coats so you know how light of a color it really is.

I used my Orly white striper for the tips. I only had to fix one nail and it was on my other hand. I am so proud of myself for that! 



Literary Lacquers Ether Binge = Summer!

Here is the start of my return. I am feeling better and starting to want to blog again. So I am starting it all off with a new polish I received about a week ago. It is such a pretty color in and out of the sun!


Hello friends!

I know I kinda went MIA without much notice. I have had to deal with my own things and haven't had the desire to even paint my nails but every 3 - 4 days. I think I will come back to this soon but for now, I am on a brief hiatus. I am starting to think about painting my nails more often and blogging so I am getting there. Next time I post, I will be showing off some nail art!



Her Briar Rose Wood Gradient

I did this mani three weeks ago and just posting it. Sorry about that! I have really lost my love for blogging. I am leisurely posting now to see how it goes. I don't want to stop all together but I need some time. I have been struggling lately with my fibromyalgia and also re-injured my left wrist while at work. Yesterday, I went to see a therapist for the first time and she has managed to make me feel very depressed again. She said I will never find myself in a relationship because I don't have anything to offer. I told her that is how I feel but I don't think she is supposed to agree! Now I just feel like a worthless, fat, ugly loser. I have cried a few times since then. I wish I could hide in my room. I wish I could just be happy. Anyways, sorry about all of that. Back to the purpose of my blog...


My Nail Polish Cubby is Almost Done!

Here is what my nail polish cubby looks like so far. It is almost done! 


KKCenterHK Flower Nail Foil Review and Discount Code

I was sent some stuff to review by KKCenterHK and am reviewing a cool flower nail foil. The nail foil is N.Nail Lovely Flower Sea Nail Foil Transfer. It has a clear background to it so you can put any color on underneath and it will show through. I wanted to show off the foil and thought it would look nice over a nude base. 


Static Hearts

A couple days ago I bought three new Salon Perfect polishes. Well since I have been using untrieds so far this month, I decided to keep it going. I wanted to do something cute and fun. This is what I came up with.


NCC Untrieds #4 - Milky Way Flower

Well I am turning into a bad blogger since it has been over a week since my last post. So much for the New Year's resolution! Oh well. I have been dealing with a change in meds and setting up my own little nail polish cubby. I'll post pics once it is all done. I am excited to get it done! I am in dire need of some real organization of my 1000+ polishes. So, I have my last untrieds mani for my challenge this month.


NCC Untrieds #3 - Too Dimensional?

So I had bought three L'Oreal polishes from the Gold Dust collection a couple months ago and left them in a bag. I have been setting up a little nail polish cubby and found them. I had forgotten how pretty and sparkly they looked in the bottle. Too Dimensional? has a blurple base with a gold dust shimmer and blue/silver glitters mixed in.


NCC Untrieds #2 - Lux Bow Bling

I finally am trying out one of my new Zoya PixieDust polishes. This is Lux which is a light rose holo glitter textured polish. I guess you probably already knew that from the picture. I am also trying out a new nail bling bow and some rhinestones.


NCC Untrieds #1 - Intergalactic Space

Well my first untried polish mani is a boring one. I am using Orly Intergalactic Space. It looks like a dark grey jelly with blue shimmer along with copper and fuchsia hex glitters. There are also white dot glitter in it. I had high hopes for this polish. It just looked as if it would be amazing. I do like it much better in person. It does have sparkle to it. I think it's one of those polishes that don't photograph well... or it's just my not great camera skills.



I just wanted to let everyone know I'm ok. I have neglected my blog for over a week. I have been busy with work. I haven't even changed my nail polish in five days. Seems weird but I have been so tired that I just leave them alone. They still look good.

I am looking to actually organize my polishes better. I bought two different styles of polish racks that'll hold over 300. I also bought a small desk. I am making a small cubby in the house a polish station. I'll probably need more but I want to get these filled and set up first.

Anyways, I will get back to blogging in the next day or two. This month's theme for mt NCC group is all about using my untrieds. I have so many that I think I'm gonna dedicate the rest of the month with using my untried polishes. I have so many! I actually just bought 16 Sephora by OPI polishes from Big Lots for $1.80 a piece.



NCC Summer #4 - Turn'd Up Polka Dots

Here is my last Summer mani for my NCC group. I got it posted just in time since it's the last day of the month. I went with yellow again. Seems a bit weird for me but I think I might have been "pinked" out from Valentines day.


NCC Summer #3 - Rosy's All Out Dare

Look at me... third challenge done for the month. I feel like I have been way behind on the other months even though there was only one month I didn't complete. So I had no idea what to name this mani. It screams summer to me. I just received my Cult Nails order which had the super pretty yellow polish in it. I LOVE Cult Nails polishes.


NCC Summer #2 - On a Beach

To me, nothing screams summer more than going to the beach. I just wish the beaches here in WA were warmer. I just need a vacation to Cali for some fun beach time in San Diego. I love visiting SD. I haven't been there in almost 7 years. Dang, that's a long time ago.


NCC Summer #1 - Baring it in Phoenix

Well now that Valentine's Day is over, it is time to get some of my NCC manis done. This month is about Summer. I have seen the sun a little bit recently but not much. We've had a nice snow storm, wind storm, and massive rain the last week and a half. Def not summer weather!


Love Hearts

Today is Valentine's Day! Hope everyone has a great day although I know there are plenty out there that will be lonely. I am feeling a bit lonely and have to work the swing shift til midnight. That's how it goes sometimes. Well I have created a cute mani to go with my outfit. My cute top is a black mesh with white and pink hearts. It is very cute... have gotten a ton of compliments. Funny thing is I bought it at the Goodwill a couple weeks ago. I can't stand how expensive clothes are these days.


Golden Love

I decided to stray away from the pink for a day. I had a hard time trying to figure out something to do and thought a vampy red base would be a good start. I gotta say that this was a very good choice to go with. I think this is so pretty and feminine. Could just be me.


Textured Valentine Ombre

I am redoing a mani I did a couple years ago that I loved... this time I used textured polishes. I had found this on The Beauty Department blog. It looks like the top portion of hearts. I didn't use hole reinforcements like the tutorial states because I figured it would look similar if I just painted it on because of the texture.


Chic Pink Skittle Mani

So today I decided to use the new Sally Hansen Satin Glam polish I bought. It has a nice, satin finish and very pretty. I grabbed a bunch of different stamp plates and stamped different heart images on each finger to make it a skittle mani. 


Hearts and Flowers

Here is another mani for Valentine's Day. I have decided it is all about love up until the 14th of February. Hearts and Flowers was inspired by Alice from One Nail To Rule Them All. I found this when I was looking for tutorials and waited to do it because hearts and flowers seemed perfect for Valentine's Day. It's not exactly the same because my skills are definitely not as good as hers. I didn't want to outline the hearts and mess it all up. I think it looks super cute.


Chyna's Heart Vines

So here is my first mani for Valentine's Day. I can't believe it is almost here. I will be working but I guess that's o.k. because I don't have a Valentine. If I was able to have a steady work schedule then I would try harder to not be single. It's too hard when my schedule changes drastically every 3 months.


NCC Inspired by a Tutorial #4: DIY Nail Polish Strips by Alli from The Daily Varnish

I have had this tutorial set aside to try for quite a while. I couldn't believe it was so easy to do. I had forgotten to start with the strips of white but at the time, I wasn't sure what base I wanted to use. It worked the same way either way.


NCC Inspired by a Tutorial #3 - Saran Wrap Butterfly by Jacki from Adventures in Acetone

The mani tutorial that inspired this was by Jacki from Adventures In Acetone. I just love her manis :) I made an attempt at nail art with a brush again. It def doesn't look as nice as hers so I stuck with just one finger.


Blue Friday

The Friday before every Seahawks game is known as “Blue Friday,” but Washington Gov. Jay Inslee made it official by declaring it “Seahawks Blue Friday.” The 12th man celebrated it today as well as they gear up for the Super Bowl. I decided to join in on the fun. 


NCC Inspired by a Tutorial #2: Chalkboard Nails Sugared Stars and Stripes Tutorial

So this was inspired by a tutorial from Sarah at Chalkboard Nails. I adore her manis and have thought about doing something similar for a while. I used different colors then she did but only because I didn't want to do something bright during winter.


Go Seahawks!

So as you may know, the Chargers lost last week to the Broncos :(. Since I can't root for them anymore, I am now rooting for my home team... Seattle Seahawks! I have this super cute picture that I thought I would share. I don't remember where I found it but it totally fits for Sunday.

I also couldn't resist doing something Seahawks related on my nails. So much for a bit of rest right?

I started with a coat of Cult Nails Deceptive, then used China Glaze Mistletoe Kisses, and topped it off with Lynnderella Sapphire Starfire.



My naked nails

I am happy to say that my staining from polish is just about completely gone. Yay! I thought this day would never come! I thought I'd share a pic of my naked nails. I'm gonna give them a few days of rest and relaxation. Is there something you suggest to help them look nice and strong?



Born Pretty Store Review: Corset Water Decals

Sorry, it's been a few days since posting. I have a schedule change this week and my sleep is all messed up. Gotta love shift work, right? Anyways, here is a review of some seriously cute corset water decals I received from the Born Pretty Store. I am a fan of a corset style mani and this one was super easy to do and fun to wear.


NCC Inspired By A Tutorial #1 - San Diego Chargers Tutorial from Devilish Polish

For my first tutorial I was inspired by is the San Diego Chargers Tutorial from Kelly Rene at Devilish Polish. I thought it would be perfect for the playoffs this weekend. I just wish I had done a better job at painting the Chargers Bolt. I painted it upside down from what the tutorial shows and didn't do it too well. I guess I'll only get better if I keep trying to use my nail art brushes.


KKCenterHK Review: Zipper Water Decals

I am reviewing a water decal set from KKCenterHK. I received these a while ago and procrastinated on reviewing them. I'm playing catch up with the few things I have to review. I actually had something else in mind for using these decals but thought they would look nice against the pretty green polish. I really like how it looks :)


Julep Farrah & Annamarie Ruffian

I have a quick post today. I forgot to skip the recent Julep Maven box so I received three nice polishes. I was really happy two of them were not like others I have. So I decided to use two of them today. This is my last one since all I ever do is skip the month.

I also managed to make my nails not look so great. I didn't put on any of my Lush cuticle balm and I got a nice nick on my ring finger that hurts super bad. I also had a nice nail break and decided to cut back all of my nails. At least my nails grow kinda fast.  



I am a huge San Diego Chargers fan and thought I would show off some team spirit. I had created a polish last year and used it again for this mani. I'm also sporting my Philip Rivers jersey :)


My new MAC Masterclass Brushes

I read about the new MAC Masterclass Brushes and bought all three of them a few weeks ago. These aren't your normal make-up brushes! They remind me of toothbrushes in their design. That's the best thing I could come up with that everyone can relate to :) The brushes are made of synthetic fibers and the handle features special grip design and tilted brush tip for ultimate precision. For me, they are very easy to use... just a bit different.


Born Pretty Store Review: Silver Round Water Decal

So I bought Orly Synchro in a set at Ross a few days ago and really wanted to use it. I thought to myself that this is a perfect time to review a set of water decals that the peeps at the Born Pretty Store sent me. I have two others to review here soon.


New Year's Eve mani

Since I had to work on New Year's Eve, I didn't try to match my nails to anything specific. I thought that since my work shirt is blue that I would start there. Then I added the holo and stars for a bit of mandatory NYE sparkle.