Julep Farrah & Annamarie Ruffian

I have a quick post today. I forgot to skip the recent Julep Maven box so I received three nice polishes. I was really happy two of them were not like others I have. So I decided to use two of them today. This is my last one since all I ever do is skip the month.

I also managed to make my nails not look so great. I didn't put on any of my Lush cuticle balm and I got a nice nick on my ring finger that hurts super bad. I also had a nice nail break and decided to cut back all of my nails. At least my nails grow kinda fast.  

I started off with two coats of Julep Annamarie. I used Julep Farrah for the ruffian and the stamp. Farrah has a silk finish so it is kind of a satin looking finish. It reminded me of my OPI suede polish. The stamp plate I used was my MJ2 plate.


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