NCC Inspired by a Tutorial #4: DIY Nail Polish Strips by Alli from The Daily Varnish

I have had this tutorial set aside to try for quite a while. I couldn't believe it was so easy to do. I had forgotten to start with the strips of white but at the time, I wasn't sure what base I wanted to use. It worked the same way either way.

I started off with a coat of Cult Nails Tempest. I only needed one coat which is awesome.

 I used a plastic sandwich bag and splattered on some blues, greens, and silver (Seahawks colors) for the look. I let it dry for about a day. It peeled off very easily.

After I painted on the base and let it dry, I applied a coat of my basecoat and placed a piece of the polish strip on top and lightly pressed it down.

 I topped it off with a coat of top coat which made the Kleancolor Metallic Green bleed. I forgot it does that. I should probably toss it.

Here is a pic from Alli's tutorial along with the link below.


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