October 2013 Ipsy bag

It has been a month or two since I showed off an Ipsy bag. I think it is mainly because I would forgot until the next month has already arrived. Anyways, I gotta say this month's bag was nice... I received some make-up remover wipes, a nail polish, a makeup brush, pigment, and stuff for my hair. I am excited about everything!

Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Other Realm

I was excited for this one because there are so many options to choose from. I really wanted to do a witch mani because I wanted to use the other Halloween Lynnderella "Are You A Good Witch?" polish I bought a while back. I realized it went perfectly with I♥NP Birefringence because the color shift is very similar. So I decided to stamp on a witch hat and boots to go with the question.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Bump In The Night

Well I had a few ideas for the Bump In The Night theme decided to go with bats. I thought it was something different. I found a couple different bat stamping images and decided to throw in a gradient. I think it turned out pretty cool.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Creepy Crawlers

Well here is another Halloween mani of some creepy crawlers. I gotta say I hate spiders a lot! I had a wolf spider crawling on my face about 8-9 years ago and it freaked me out. Talk about scary. It was huge! Luckily, that was in Vegas and I haven't seen any super huge spiders in WA.


NCC Halloween #2 - Sugar & Skulls

This isn't a scary mani but it is about skulls which are def in the Halloween category. The only issue I had with this mani is that my nails are all nubs since I broke a nail yesterday :(. Due to the nub, the skull stamp didn't fit my whole nail. I don't think it's a huge deal because it still looks kinda cool.


Breast Cancer Awareness mani w/ Lynnderella Mon Petit Chou Chou

At work, we have employees that join in the long walk for Breast Cancer Awareness  I wish I could join in but my Fibromyalgia prevents me from going too far. I thought I would do a Breast Cancer Awareness mani using it. I can definitely finish that! I will probably do another one soon using my OPI Pink of Hearts 2013 set. I gotta get it posted in between all of my challenge manis.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Sweet Treats

I decided to be unoriginal and paint a version of candy corn nails. I actually didn't know what else I could easily paint. I decided to sponge the colors... well just the orange. I'm not very good at just sponging probably because when I tear my makeup sponge, it isn't very rugged. I think it still came out cool looking.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Cloudy Skies

This was Sunday's cloud mani. I actually had it done and ready on Sunday but procrastinated on taking the pictures. These pics are from today... three days of wear! Not too bad. I am a little disappointed with this mani. It didn't turn out quite as I had hoped but it is pretty close. I can say it actually resembles how the weather has been here. It hasn't rained in a few days and the sun has actually shown up though it's still cool outside.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Great Pumpkin

Well I guess I can't get the dates right. I thought this was supposed to be posted yesterday but nope... it was scheduled for Wednesday. Oh well. Maybe I should just do the two scheduled per week when I get a chance though I will try to post on the actual day. I am pretty much done with the chiro and will have my wasted 5 hours a week. Yay! I might even get the chance to post almost everyday like I did before my car accident.

Anyways, here is my Great Pumpkin mani. I figured I would do plain, not Halloween scary, pumpkins. I love pumpkins because they make my favorite pie!


NCC Halloween #1 - Swamp Thing and Ghouls Like To Have Fun!

Here is my first Halloween mani for the NCC challenge. I thought it would be a perfect time to review a water decal sheet I was sent from KKCenterHK. It is very cute! I also got a chance to wear one of my new Lynnderella Halloween polishes. Yay!


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Sweater Weather

I am officially caught up... YAY!!! Today is all about sweater weather so I chose to paint my nails to look like a sweater I recently bought. It is a hobo sweater and has fake stitching, patches, and flowers. It is kinda cute.

Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Boobing For Apples

I did this a few days ago but was too lazy to actually crop the pics and write a post. Is that bad? I needed  some relaxation time and took advantage. Anyways, the theme of this skittlette is Bobbing For Apples. I painted a halved apple on my thumb, some apples floating in water, and red glitter on the other two nails.


Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Crunchy Leaves

Here is another late installment of the Falling For Nail Art challenge. It was meant for Sept. 29th. I will be all caught up here in a few days. I am about to have extra time to myself again since the chiro appointments will be coming to a close. YAY!!! Anyways, today is all about crunchy leaves that happen in Fall. I don't see too much in the way of leaves mainly because pine trees have needles and they aren't as pretty when they fall off. I stamped an image of an empty tree and strategically added colorful Autumn leaves for this look. I really like it.