Falling For Nail Art Challenge - Sweater Weather

I am officially caught up... YAY!!! Today is all about sweater weather so I chose to paint my nails to look like a sweater I recently bought. It is a hobo sweater and has fake stitching, patches, and flowers. It is kinda cute.

I started off with two coats of  Sephora by OPI Never Enough Shoes. I mixed Zoya Purity and SOPI Never Enough Shoes for a lighter shade and dabbed it on top.

I used Purity for the stripes which are the fake stitching. On my ring finger and thumb I added flowers using Zoya Toni and Monica. My pointer finger is supposed to look like the patch so I mixed SOPI Never Enough Shoes, Zoya Purity, and Ulta SMoke Screen and painted it on. I used a very fine brush and lightly brushed Zoya Toni and Monica on it.

Here is a small pic of the sweater.


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