NCC Summer #2 - On a Beach

To me, nothing screams summer more than going to the beach. I just wish the beaches here in WA were warmer. I just need a vacation to Cali for some fun beach time in San Diego. I love visiting SD. I haven't been there in almost 7 years. Dang, that's a long time ago.

I started it all out with two coats of Cult Nails Tulum. Tulum is the polish in the picture. I painted one coat of Cult Nails Let Me Fly from about halfway to the tip. I grabbed a sponge and sponged on China Glaze Sea Spray which is exactly what it was used for.

I used four stamp plates and various stamping polishes for the stamped images. I used Wistonia W108 on my pointer and pinky fingers and a no name gold stamping polish to make shells. For my middle finger, I used Wistonia W106 crab image and Konad red polish. For my ring finger I used Cheeky Gals GA17 (it's hard to tell but there is a starfish there!) and a rusty orange Konad polish. My thumb has a green turtle that I stamped on using my SE21 plate and green Konad polish.


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