Another Fyrinnae swatch post with Pixie Epoxy

After getting my first batch of Fyrinnae pigments, I decided I wanted to get the Pixie Epoxy sticky base they talked about on the site. Since I was purchasing it, I decided to throw in a couple more pigments. I bought the full size and mini of the Pixie Epoxy so I would have one for my purse.

 So here are the pigments I bought along with my free sample. The Arcane Magic's are duochromes with a sparkle to them.

Arcane Magic: Glitterboi is a deep blend of midnight blue, violet, and a hint of pink sparkle that changes to a light, gleaming grape, then to vibrant metallic pink. 

Arcane Magic: Madame & Eves is a vivid sparkling teal that morphs to violet then gleaming magenta

Arcane Magic: Conjuror is a rich burgundy-brick shade topped with shimmer that changes from aqua to bright crimson

You're is a bright shimmery warm red filled with multi-color sparkle

Here are the swatches. Above the line have UD Primer Potion and below are on bare skin. From the left... Arcane Magic: Conjuror, Arcane Magic: Madame & Eve's, Arcane Magic: Glitterboi, and You're. I don't think these looked very good on the primer but that might be because I have seen them on the Pixie Epoxy.

Here is a close-up of the Pixie Epoxy. The site states to use very little. So the swatches below have very little spread out on the area. I threw in a couple more colors.

From the top left... Immortality, Arcane Magic: Conjuror, and Mac Reflects Copper.
 The bottom row from the left are You're, Arcane Magic: Glitterboi, and Arcane Magic: Madame & Eve's. I patted the pigments onto the base. I tried brushing it last night and it didn't work well but I was really tired when I did it. Anyways, I love it :)


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