Lumi Sunpepper

This was a very nice look with a lot of shimmer and sparkle. I love how the light reflects off of the light mint color. It was perfect for the sunny day.

Primer/base: UD Primer Potion
Inner Corner: Loreal Hip Paint in Secretive
Inner Lid: Sugarpill Lumi
Lid: Mac Greenstroke Paint Pot with Sugarpill Lumi on top
Outer V: Giorgio Armani ETK 15 Copper/Black
Crease: Mac Pigment in Mauvement
Brow Bone: Mac Pigment in Sunpepper
Highlight: Loreal Hip Paint in Secretive
Upper Lid Liner: Smashbox Gray Cream Liner from Wicked Lovely
Lower Lid Liner: Smashbox Gray Cream Liner from Wicked Lovely
Mascara: UDD Eyelash Primer and Giorgio Armani ETK

From left to right... Sugarpill Lumi, bottom pigment Mac Mauvement, top pigment Mac Sunpepper, GA ETK Copper/Black, Mac Paint Pot in Greenstroke, and Loreal Paint in Secretive
Closer look at Mac Sunpepper pigment

Closer look at Mac Mauvement pigment

Smashbox Wicked Lovely


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