Eye Kandii Cosmetics samples

Eye Kandii Cosmetics is an Etsy shop that specializes in mineral pigments, lip gloss, eye primer, gel liner, etc. I received the pigments below in a grab bag and def worth it. The colors are super pigmented. 

So only 2 of the samples had a name on them so I did my best to figure out the other names. I hate the packaging. I am going to have to buy sample jars to put these in. In the swatch picture, I put UD Primer Potion above the line and nothing below.

From left to right... Potato, Mr. Sun, Seepage, Red Earth, Evil Queen, Shroom, Hatchacha, Appleberry Pie,  New Yorker, and Blasphomy. The last three are shimmer pigments and the rest are matte.

Hatchacha - Hot neon pink
Blasphomy - Shimmery neon blue
Appleberry Pie - Shimmery coral
Seepage - Sea green
Mr. Sun - Bright yellow
Red Earth - Reddish brown
Evil Queen - Dusty purple
Shroom - Light beige
New Yorker - Chartruese
Potato - Violet brown



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