DIY Pedicure For Summer Feet

I thought I would share a few tips on how to give your feet the spa treatment.

Some tools you’ll need:
  • foot basin or foot soak machine
  • one cup of milk or wine 
  • cuticle remover
  • cuticle stick 
  • foot callous remover/shaver
  • nail file/ nail buffer 
  • small pedicure scissors
  • foot scrub product
  • foot cream 
  • nail polish remover
  • nail base 
  • summer nail polish

The  At Home Spa Pedicure Treatment:
  • First remove any old polish and wash your feet. 
  •  Add some warm water to your foot basin or if you have a foot soak bubble machine follow the operating instructions before adding product to the warm water. 
  • Drop the cup of either milk or wine to the water. 
  • Soak for about 20 to 30 minutes 
  • Dry off your feet with a soft clean towel
  • Apply your favorite foot exfoliater and gently massage into the entire foot paying attention to the heel area for a few minutes. This will prep the feet for the smoothing tool. Use the clean towel to wipe away the product or rinse your feet.
  • Now gently remove the dry dead skin from off of your heels and around the big toe area with either a foot shaver or gentle callous buffer tool. Be careful not to aggravate the skin or rub to harshly. This will help any additional dry skin the exfoliator left behind.
  • Use a small pedicure scissor to gently trim your toes a little. 
  • Apply your favorite foot cream and massage well into your foot until absorbed. Now add a small amount of the cuticle remover on your toes, nails, cuticles and between your toes. 
  • Now with a cuticle push tool gently push back the cuticles on your toes and then lightly buff the nails while they are still moist with product. Buffing nails when they are dry can harm them. When you have buffed the nails file them gently.
  • Now you’re ready for polish! Prime with clear nail base first. Choose fun bright colors. You’re are set to rock those sandals.



  1. great post! but can i ask why the milk?! im curious.lol

  2. Lactic acid from milk softens calloused skin for easier removal. Sounds weird but works :)


Thank you for your comments! I appreciate every single one of them.