Franken bases

This is an FYI...Polishous is forming a buying group to purchase suspension bases at a significant discount. Due to shipping restrictions, she will only be offering the bases in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes. Minimum order is 4 bottles, any combination. There are two different bases available: 

Glitter Suspension Base (used for polishes with glitter) $8.99/4 oz.; 14.99/8 oz. 
Clear Suspension Base (used for all creams/heavy micas) $8.99/4 oz.; 14.99/8 oz. 

This price does NOT include shipping charges. The deadline for ordering is May 18. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to order, receive and re-bottle the product. To place your pre-order, please send an e-mail to moderncountrymom@gmail.com (Please use Polish Bulk Order in the subject line) with your name, quantity desired of each (what size, type etc.) and your PayPal e-mail address. Invoices will be sent out the day after the deadline.

She has made the decision to go forward as a supplier of glitter suspension base but this is the start. If interested, check out her post... http://www.polishous.com/p/wholesale-and-bulk.html

I am sooo excited to get this... I have bought so much stuff that really needs a suspension base. Once I get my order, I'm going to make a bunch of new polishes so keep your eye out for those.


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