How to DIY Ombre "Angel Face Halo" Highlights

Have you wanted to do highlights on your long hair but have issues? A highlighting cap definitely doesn't work for long hair. Kandee Johnson put together a video showing how to highlight long hair. Now let's watch as she shows you how she did her hair.


  • a glass or plastic bowl
  • a hair color brush or you could try to just use your fingers
  • plastic gloves
  • foil (you can pre-cut it into strips)
  • 20 - 40 Volume Developer (20 for light hair or 30, or 40 for dark hair like mine is what you need to lift the color out)
  • Powder Hair Lightener (the off the scalp kind) -- you can buy this at any beauty supply
  • make sure you wear an old t-shirt in case you get any bleach on it...
  • (blow dryer- option to heat up the hair and speed up the lightening process)

You could always step up the crazy color-ness and after you lighten the hair, dye it a fun color like red or turquoise. If you dont' feel like you can do this yourself, tell your hair stylist that you want sort of "Ombre highlighted pieces all around your face- to frame your face with highlights"...
Like a halo of highlights around your angelic little face!



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