Fiesta Party

I thought about nail designs for Cinco de Mayo. I chose 5 dominant colors seen in mexican culture and painted each nail a different color. Then I painted Sticks n Stones on top of it. It looks like fun times!

 Yesterday I bought the Kleancolor Neon Nightlife mini set and thought about using it. The colors would have matched my shirt. After a bit of thinking, I decided the neons were just too much for what I was going for. I wanted more traditional colors... and the colors I used match the top as well. It is a cute flowery sheer top I got from Old Navy, Anyways, here is the breakdown.
 Flyin High is kind of in between a bright sky blue with a slight aqua look. The blue color is on my middle fingers.

 Lauren is a nice red creme. The only real red color I own. I put this color on my pinky fingers.

 Grape Pop is a bright medium candy purple creme. The purple is on my ring fingers.

 Green-Wich Village is a bright and bold Grass Green shade. I decided to put this on my thumb because there is more area to put my favorite color :)
Happy Go Lucky is a bright lemon yellow creme. I put this on my pointer finger.

 This is on all of my fingers. Sticks n Stones is made by Cover Band. It is a mixture of black and white glitters... there are squares, strips, hexagons of different sizes, and a very small amount of iridescent glitter.


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