Kleancolor Neon Night Life mini set

Here is my new Kleancolor Neon Night Life mini set. It has a few neons and a few regular looking colors. I got it for $3.99 at Ross over the weekend. I like how it is all colors of the rainbow. 

 Here are close up shots of the colors with a swatch at the bottom. Overall I think I'll wear them out but it isn't as neon as you would think by the name of the set. I couldn't pass it up for four bucks.
This is Neon Green. It is a bright lime green color. I think it is my favorite out of all of the colors. 

This is Neon Purple. When I think neon purple, I imagine a super vivid bright color. This is a nice royal purple with a shimmer!

This is Neon Sapphire. It is a dark, deep yet bright blue color.

This is Funky Yellow. It is very bright and neon... think 80's! It is a but on the sheer side and would take an about 3 coats to be fully opaque.

This is Mango. It is a nice solid orange color. It doesn't seem to be much on the neon side of things but still pretty bright.

This is Red... the name and color seem to be the same. I wish it had at least a clever name. I don't see myself using this one too much... maybe in some nail art.

Here is a swatch wheel showing one coat of each color without a topcoat. I think they went on pretty well. The Neon Green and Funky Yellow would need two coats so it wouldn't be streaky. 


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