Millionaire Fortune

I wanted to do a striping look and this is what I came up with. I used Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishes in Blue Wants to be a Millionaire and Teal of Fortune. For the stripes I grabbed some gold striping and cut pieces to place on my nails.I think it looks cool.

Here are the 2 polishes I used... On the left we have WnW Blue Wants to be a Millionaire and on the right is WnW Teal of Fortune

Blue Wants to be a Millionaire is a light blue holographic polish. The coats go on thin so I did 3 coats and my nails were almost opaque... you could tell with the different lighting and angles. I wasn't too worried though because I already planned on  putting the striping and other polish on top.

Teal of Fortune is a turquoise jelly with teal and gold glitter. I only put one coat of this over the striping/base


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