#13 Let It Snow Challenge: Winter Ombre/Gradient

Here is my Winter Gradient mani. It's just a tad bit on the late side. I wanted to keep it light and soft looking so I used light colors. I just love how pretty gradients are. I need to do them more often!

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Blue-Away for the base. I created my gradient using a makeup wedge sponge, SH Blue-Away polish, and Pure Ice Platinum polish. I always use the color of the base on the sponge to create a smooth gradient. I decided to add glitter polish just for a little something more.

I made this polish for the winter season. It's name is Blizzard and it is full of different sizes and types of white matte and satin glitter. I only used one coat for my mani. The glitter comes out very easily... no fishing required.


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