Happy Easter!

First thing is... Happy Easter! for those who celebrate it. For others, happy last day of March!

I totally forgot that it was Easter today when I painted my nails last night. I didn't want to waste polish so I added some Easter flair to them. I have decided this works since it is a duochrome polish that shifts purple to green. I am pretty sure both of those colors can be seen during Easter, just not usually as dark. That's good enough for me :)

I just got this polish in the mail yesterday and really wanted to use it. It's my first polish from GOSH. The color is Purple Heart and it is a pretty duochrome. I have a good bottle shot below. Anyways, I used 2 coats for my base.

I used my Konad white special polish for the stamping along with Red Angel RA211 and Wistonia W105 plates.

I had such a hard time getting the colors to redeem themselves through the camera.


You can kind of see the change but not really. 

Here is a good shot of the bottle. It doesn't really go to blue but sometimes I get a glimpse of the turquoise color. 


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