My first Nail Art Society box

So here is a subscription service for nail art. How cool is that?? This month came with some cool stuff. I won't use everything but you never know. This costs $9.95/month and comes with a bunch of different stuff a month. From what I gather, it is a really good one. We will see within the next few months.

First off, it came with a set of nail polish strips. I've never tried these before mainly because it can be quicker to throw on a cute polish. I can easily stamp on an image too. I will probably give these to a friend who doesn't have access to all of my stuff

I got three packs of pretty acrylic flowers. These are so pretty.

I also got some fuchsia micro beads. I have only used these type of beads once when I did a caviar mani. I really liked the caviar mani but I've seen these used other ways I'd like to try.

I also got some clear AB bead drops. I see these getting some good use since they are flat on one side.

The last thing was some gold holo fabric flowers. I really like these because they form to the nail. 

I'm pretty sure this is my last subscription box for the month of March. I paid for my Starlooks box but not sure I actually get it this month.


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