#14 Let It Snow Challenge: Winter Blues

Well here is my Winter blues mani. I wanted to use a bunch of different blue polishes to show my different levels of being blue. I need to do more water marbles to get better at them. There are some really cool techniques I want to try but need to work up to that. I gotta say that I am happy that this is the last winter themed mani. Now it's time to start up on some spring flowers :)

Well my theory worked for some polishes and not others. If it is a sheerer polish, the glitter shows up underneath. Now I think I should see if I can get some more jelly polishes. I definitely like the idea.

I used so many different polishes that I am listing them as white and blue.

I really liked how my thumb looked. 



  1. Beautiful watermarble! :)

  2. Nice job! I feel snow/winter looking at these! We had not enough cold weather here this yr...and certainly not enough rain...going to be an iffy summer with for sure water shortages and would not be surprised if we see a lot of fires out in my neck of the country this summer.


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