March Ipsy bag

So this month's Ipsy theme is all about "The Great Escape" It is not my favorite Ipsy bag but not completely disappointing. The bag itself doesn't thrill me but I do like that it is not plain. Inside the bag were 2 eyeshadow refills from Yaby, A GlamRX palette, La Fresh makeup remover wipes, and a toner and refresher spray by Juice Beauty.

Here is the first Yaby shadow in So Vein. It is a matte turquoise. I swatched it over just primer and it didn't thrill me. I bet it really needs to be packed on like most other matte shadows. I also am not a huge matte shadow person which might not help. My sister got the other 2 colors and I am a bit jealous of that.

This color is Sand Dune. This one swatched even worse with just primer.

This is my favorite part of this month's bag. 

 It is a mirrored palette that will hold any magnetized cosmetic refill. 

It is small and would probably fit 3 full sized shadows or around 10 of the little Yaby shadows.

Here is a sample of La Fresh Makeup Remover Wipes. Perfect for travelling.

The last thing in my bag was from Juice Beauty. It is a hydrating mist spray. I foresee this being well used in the summer. 

I gotta say that it is a pretty good size too. 


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