Swirly Prism

So I just bought some Mash stamp plates and decided to show one of them off today. I like most of the plates which is awesome. I especially like having a variety to choose from. I have actually added a bunch of new stamp plates to my page if you wanna look. I know I have more to add too. I also have to update my polish stash page. Where is all of my extra time? Anyways, I really love how this turned out. I totally forgot about this polish which is sad since it is so pretty. I do remember it is not fun removing.

I used 2 coats of China Glaze Prism. It is packed full of glitter which is awesome! For the stamp, I used my Konad black polish and Mash-40 plate.

Look at all the swirls. It reminds me of those images used to hypnotize people.

Here is my mani at an angle to show off the glittery polish. It has a slight duochrome effect too so it may look a bit pinker in this pic. I definitely looks pink/purple in real life.


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