Trippin' Daisies

Another mani using flowers! This time they are daisies... Trippin' Daisies! I hand crafted this masterpiece and totally love it. I am trying these out here to get feedback on what you guys like. My mom has a booth at a consignment shop (New 2 You) in Port Orchard and I can sell some of these there as well as on here. All you have to do is ask :)

 I've been playing around making a bunch of polishes and want to use them all. This one I made a few days ago. I waited to see if the daisies held up in the polish and they did. Yay! I used a whole 3 things besides the suspension base to make this. I like easy :)
So this is three coats of Trippin' Daisies with no undies... lol. It covers quite well. The base is cream with an orange shimmer. It has yellow matte daisy glitters and a gold to green shifting glitter. 

Here are 2 other angles of the bottle. I'm trying to capture the gold to green glitter shift.

I really like the way this came out. It's funny because I am not a fan of gold but this doesn't look like a true gold so maybe that's why. I dunno. I am probably going to add some more daisies because I went fishing for these but it will still look the same. 

A close-up of my thumb as usual.

This pic shows the glitter shift. It's green at the top left and gold at the bottom right. 


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