Lazy Days of Summer 6 - Pool Party

So I thought I would try something different for this look since I already did a pool party look recently. I created a polish to use. It is full of a bunch of different types of glitter in a blue shimmer base.

 I got new bottles! Now they look like everyone else's but for the money it was worth it. I don't plan on using white circle labels if I do sell any. I have ways to do it better.
I haven't named this one yet. Pool Party would be cool but it is already used by another creator. I'll have to think about it. I will take suggestions too. I hate that there is soooo much of the matte glitter stuck on the sides.

It is a bit hard to see everything in it but I figured I was gonna tell you so... I started off with a blue jelly base but threw in neon blue pigment and made it a shimmer base. I have light and medium blue pastel hex glitter, midnight blue glitter, white pearl shreds, and a rainbow metal flake mix. I added the rainbow mix to give it a party look :)

I think this pic shows everything the best. I can see all of the different types of glitter. It really looks nice in person. I do have to mention it took a few layers of top coat to make it smooth.

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