Beauty School from Birchbox

So this month's Birchbox theme was Beauty School. It came with a little booklet with tips and tricks of the trade. Some of this stuff is pretty basic but there are a few tips that I didn't know so I thought I would share. I took pics of every page so you can visualize everything. Anyways, check it out :)

Here we go... page 1
Here are a few tools of the trade to know... this one shows what a kabuki brush and foundation brush are used for. I am sure most of us know this stuff.

More make-up tools :) We got a fan brush, eyelash curler, and eyeshadow brush to learn about.

I don't tend to read labels but I know many of you do... trying to use the least amount of nasty chemicals on your skin. Makes sense. I might try to look out for this stuff better.

I think it usually takes me about 2-3 minutes for my skin care regimen. I like using face cleansing wipes (Simple is my fav right now).

A few new tips I didn't know. Alcohol reduces over spray of perfume. I didn't know that. 

These shaving tips are nice to have. I don't usually have issues with shaving. I do know you shouldn't shave right away from waking up. I guess our legs swell up while sleeping and shaving a swollen leg will not leave you with a nicely shaven leg later on in the day.

I wanted to share this info with everyone. I know I learned some new things to try.

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