Lazy Days of Summer 12 - Summer Nights

Here is my Summer Night mani. On a summer night here in WA, you can see millions of stars. I don't live in a huge town where the lights hide a lot of the smaller stars. I remember as a little girl, I would walk to the bus stop staring up at the sky wishing on shooting stars. There are quite a lot of them too! Unfortunately, none of the wishes ever came true.

 I got to use 2 new polishes for this mani. One I made and the other is one of my new Essence polishes.

Here are the 2 polishes. This pic shows my polish and Essence Date In The Moonlight. Date In The Moonlight is such a pretty color. It looks like a dark grayish blue color with the blue glitter/shimmer in it. I need to use it with a silver stamped image over it. 

Here is my polish I named Night Sky. It is full of silver holo moons and stars, Midnight blue glitter, Black glitter, and Black Holo pigment in a dark blue jelly.

I actually cleaned up the moons and stars a bit to make them pop. 

I think it is a pretty mani. 

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