Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches Pt. 1

This is the first installment of some samples I ordered from Glamour Doll Eyes. I love the colors and awesome pigmentation. I already know I will be buying at least one of these colors in the full size container.

 I follow Phyrra and saw a post using these pigments. She is pretty awesome so I decided to get some. I love being able to buy samples. Glamour Doll Eyes offers 2 different size samples... the ones I got were $1.25 a piece. I know I can a few uses out of each one. The full size jar is $6.00 which is worth buying. If you buy a sample and decide you like the pigment, they will subtract the sample amount from the full size amount. That is way too cool!

So here starts my swatches. I put a coat of UDPP on my skin prior to swatching. From the left... Jailhouse Jumpsuit, Bruised!, Lovers Lane, Jailbreak, DinoSpotz, Her Revenge, Glam Girl, Mingles, and Tattooed.

Top to Bottom... Lovers Lane, Bruised!, and Jailhouse Jumpsuit. My fav out of all of these pigments is Bruised!. I will be getting a full size of that one for sure.

Top to Bottom... Her Revenge, DinoSpotz, and Jailbreak. I like the green shimmer in DinoSpotz. It is a maybe because I have to swatch it with a few of my Mac pigments. I need to start getting more unique colors. I'm way out of control!

Top to Bottom... Tattooed, Mingles, and Glam Girl. I didn't realize how close Tattooed and Mingles would be. Mingles is a bit more blue while Tattooed and some sparkle in it. I love both as a pop of color somewhere... probably on my lower lash line :)

Closer pic of Bruised! It is just so pretty! I'm wearing it right now :)

What do you think? I think I need some more! Anyways... check them out! Glamourdolleyes.com



  1. Those are big samples for only a $1.25!

    1. I think they are a pretty normal size (1/4 tsp) but $1.25 is def a good price. I like that they subtract the sample price if you buy a full size :)


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