Electric Pineapple and Mr. Bubble

I couldn't figure out a clever name for this cute look so I combined them with an "and". So creative! I love this look. I really like the CG Electric Pineapple! It matches my fav Coach purse :)

 I chopped off my nails and went to paint them and was at a loss. I had to get up early the next day so I wanted something quick and easy. I also wanted to show off more polishes I haven't worn yet.

This is a new CG polish I picked up for a nice, small price. It is Electric Pineapple... a bright, yellow chartreuse color. I used 3 coats which was one too many but I like to know it looks fully covered.

Here is Mr. Bubble by Lush Lacquer. I think it is so cute. I love pastels colors :)  I think it looks a bit different on top of the Electric Pineapple... at least the pink does to me. I put one coat of this on each nail. Two coats would have distracted away from the Electric Pineapple.

I also have to add that the shirt I wore the next day also matched.



  1. i love this combo! i have both so i'm definitely gonna try this out soon!

    1. It turned out better than I expected. I might try Mr. Bubble over a medium purple next time. :)


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