So here is another franken I made last night. I decided to try out my glow in the dark glitter again. I think the red has an odor that is not pleasant. I wasn't sure if the other glitters would work but you never know unless you try. It is a nice, bright blue so I called it Blu-lite.

 This actually has a cool look to it. It is a light blue jelly and all of the glow in the dark glitter looks pearl. Very pretty in person! It is a bit on the thick side but still applies nicely. 

I am not too fond of these bottles I bought. I think I'm gonna look around for better and hopefully cheaper ones.

It's glowing!! I had to let Tasha out to do her business and it was weird seeing my nai;s in the dark. This is just way too fun!



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    1. It was totally freaking me out last night. I went to let Tasha out and kept seeing my fingers swingin around! I put stars over it now so it looks like black polka dots in the dark. The glow effect is soooo strong. The light from my TV activated them. I should put some on your toes :P


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