I Love Jelly Sandwiches in the Afternoon

My first jelly sandwich! I think it looks cool as hell. I had issues choosing the glitter polish to use. I actually tested a few out prior to applying it to my nails. :)  
 So this is a bunch of layers of polish. I think I did a total of nine layers total. That was a lot of work. Well not exactly work but it definitely took a while.
This is Essie Looking for Love. It is a very light lilac grey crelly (creme-jelly). This was one of my finds at TJ Maxx for $4. Love it! I just wish it didn't take so many coats to be opaque. For this look I used four coats of  Looking for Love , then one coat of the glitter polish, and two more coats of  Looking for Love .

This is the glitter polish... as you can see it is full of glitter. It is Afternoon Picnic by Kleancolor. It has an assortment of different sizes and colors in an orangey-pink jelly. I only used one coat but I had to do some placement of the glitter. It all wanted to blob together.

Close-up of my thumb. Pretty cool huh?



  1. Very nice! I love jelly sandwiches. :)

    1. I've been thinking about doing one for quite a while but never really had a good jelly polish. Yay for finding this Essie polish! I also bought a cream colored Essie polish that would work for sammies :)


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