Summer Lovin Ruffian

So I am sporting one of my new Lush Lacquer polishes. I have to say I love it! Initially, I painted the glitter polish on to match this super cute pink and yellow plaid skort I was wearing. So that night I thought I would try doing a ruffian which I think looks cool. I'm not sure if I succeeded but I do like the way my nails look.

I think the ruffian might have looked better with different colors. I also need practice with creating a nice outline for either a ruffian or framed look. My framed nail attempts are not very good. I'm not sure what technique would be best for me to use. I will have to keep practicing until I get it figured out.
After applying 4 coats of Summer Lovin, I painted CG Ahoy! on the bottom for the ruffian look. So did I succeed?  What do you think?

 A close up of my bottle. I think I might get 2-3 more uses of full coverage but I think I might try putting it over another color to extend its life. I know I will be buying a grown up bottle soon. 



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    1. Thank you! I have sported this for 3 days now but it is time to retire it so I can catch up on one of my challenges.


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