Forget You & Break Up

After my late night/early morning doing 3 different nail looks, I decided I wanted something pretty and easy. This was both but not quite what I had imagined. It is hiding too much of my Lippmann !

I wanted to use my Deborah Lippmann polish Forget You. It is a mash-up of a bunch of glitter in a black jelly base. This was the first time wearing it. I still haven't worn Happy Birthday which is the same glitter in a clear base. 
Look at this polish... It is soooo pretty! After applying the polish, I decided it was too dark and thought putting a crackle polish over it would be cool. 

So I grabbed my Color Club Kiss & Break Up and applied it heavily so I would get bigger cracks. I wanted there to be awesomeness coming through the cracks. Well the cracks didn't open as well as I had hoped so my DL Forget You was pretty much forgotten. You would have had to look hard to really tell it was there.

It's not a bad look. I think maybe next time I'll throw a stamp image on it instead of crackle polish.


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