Lazy Days of Summer - Summer Ombre

Well here is number 2 on my Lazy Days of Summer challenge. I actually meant to post this yesterday but got busy putting my new drawer unit I bought from Ikea together for make-up storage. It is big and heavy and decorated with some vinyl butterflies and design. I'm so crafty sometimes. Anyways, now that I went way off subject... 
My ombre goes from yellow to a red-orange color. The thumb and pointer finger are noticeably different in person but my camera wanted to mess with me and make them look almost identical. I tried many different angles and settings but all were the same. Oh well.
These are the colors I used. From left to right is Zoya Pippa, Kleancolor Mango, Sally Hansen Fired Up, and Zoya Paz. I mixed Pippa and Mango to the the color on my ring finger.

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