Sizzling Sunset

I made a new polish today :) My sister named this one Sizzling Sunset. It is a deep orange holo with square iridescent (green to orange) glitter in a light orange jelly. I actually put my polish over Kleancolor Metallic Orange though it looks great on its own. I actually think it looks better on its own. I have a pic of it towards the bottom of the post.

 I got bored before work and thought why not. I wish the pics showed the iridescent glitter better. It really flashes the different colors in person.... especially in the sun.
It doesn't like to be shiny. I had used a few coats of top coat to get it shiny. I think it looks cool with a textured look.

I used Kleancolor Metallic Orange for my base coat. I only applied one layer which worked perfectly. I think most of my Kleancolor polishes are opaque in one coat.

Here is a close-up of it showing the orange reflection of the iridescent glitter. 

Another angle

I think this angle shows the glitter off the best. You can see every color.

This is 3 layers of Sizzling Sunset. It is fully opaque :) I think it looks like a perfect fall color. What do you think of this one?



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    1. Thanks! It has a fiery look to it... very awesome for being new to creating polishes.


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