Lace-y Nude

I know I should be posting my week 5 nails for my Summer Fun challenge but I have run into issues with my original design idea and have to do something else. That is why my nails are nude! Today is my Dad's and best friends birthday... Happy Birthday Dad and Alisa!!! Anyways, sorry about the wrist brace I forgot to take it off and didn't feel like taking new pics.

I don't usually sport such a plain color but I do like it :) The color is China Glaze Nude... go figure! A name that makes sense and easy to figure out. It was perfect for putting my black lace decals I got from eBay. 

They are the same as the ones from bornpretty.com but cheaper all together. They are HL205 if you wanna grab them from somewhere. There is a bit of glitter in the lace too. It is subtle iridescent glitter.

I really like this look. I might have to sport this color more... I'll probably cover it with glitter!!! LOL! 

Check out my guest post for this mani here... http://www.devilish-polish.com/2012/07/glamfiend-guest-post.html



  1. Ooooo! I think I need some of those decals. Very cool, your nails look amazing.

    1. They were .99 cents a piece with free shipping. You should see the cute Hello Kitty ones I got. Here is the web address for the decals...



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