Mysterious Technicolor

So I bought some clearance polishes from Sally's and had to use one of them immediately. I got Orly Mysterious Curse for $3.99. I think it was a deal considering how awesome it is! I don't usually buy polishes from Orly but they do have some nice ones.

Mysterious Curse is a gorgeous deep purple-toned blue shimmer nail polish. I see flashes of fuchsia/purple color too. The first layer went on thin but the second layer finished it off. I was worried for a minute.

I bought this polish in a set. This is Now In Technicolor by 365 Days of Color. It has silver and purple flakies in a clear base. I applied 2 coats! 

I think the glitter is too sparse and I had to really dig to get some on my fingers. I know it is hard to see the purple flakes but they are barely there. I really hate fishing for glitter. 

I still love the end result. I might just add more silver and purple flakies to it. I already have both. I have to make another run to Sally's because they are having 50% off the clearance for the next couple days. I'm gonna hit up a different one so maybe there will be something new :)


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