My July Birchbox

So this month Birchbox collaborated with Glamour. The theme is see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, and smell it. I received 6 items that correspond with the theme.
I gotta say this isn't my best box but I do like most of the stuff in it.
Here is the list of items I received.

I got some mints by Tea Forte. These are meant to help you focus which is good... I need it. The flavor is ginger pear. I am undecided if I like them. Weird taste. Bad smell.

This is a pack of blotting paper from Boscia. I have had these before. I usually forget to carry them around.

These are cute. I didn't need another set to add to my collection. They might end up a gift for someone else.

I really like this Stila lip gloss. It is from the stila It’s Go Time Lip Glaze Trio. The color is called lights. It is sheer with gold. Very nice for summer :)

This is Coco de Soleil Gloss Moderne. This is a hair mask. Gonna try it in the next few days.

This is the last item. It is Vengeance Extreme by Juliette Has A Gun. It smells nice. I was worried because the box has a not so pleasant scent to it. I realized it is from the mints! 

Here is a link for those who are interested in joining. I have to say $10/month is definitely worth it!


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